These Jobs Are at A Higher Risk of Necrospermia

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The importance of sperm for men is self-evident, and sperm is very fragile, and it is easy to be affected by external factors and the environment. Some people in specific jobs generally have poor sperm quality. Today, I will talk about what jobs they are.

The engine will produce a lot of heat, the circumfluence of the perineum and scrotal vein will be blocked with the sedentary habit, the temperature of perineum and testis will increase, and prostatitis will be induced, leading to the occurrence of necrospermia. Due to the lack of oxygen and compression in testis and epididymis, the production and storage of sperm are significantly affected by extrusion and poor waste metabolism.
And drivers are often in a state of high concentration when driving, which can change the release and sensitivity of endocrine hormones, and also affect sperm motility. In addition, a survey shows that MTBE in gasoline additive can increase the rate of sperm deformity in mice.
Iron-making worker
The working environment of iron-making workers belongs to a high temperatures. Sperm is composed of protein, a small part of mitochondria, and half of the chromosomes of human cells. There is DNA in the protein, which will be inactivated under the action of heat, acid, alkali, heavy metal salt, UV, etc., so the sperm will die under high temperature.

Some studies have shown that high temperatures will make the temperature of the testis higher than the physiological temperature of sperm growth and development, which seriously affects the function of spermatogenic cells.
At the same time, it causes metabolism of testis and changes of spermatogenic microcirculation caused by various biochemical and immune reactions, which makes the speed of sperm passing through epididymis faster and matures slower, and finally leads to spermatogenic disorders of testis, abnormal sperm morphology and semen quality, decrease of sperm quantity, or the massive death of sperm in the testis, leading to necrospermia and even testicular atrophy.
IT man
The quality of male sperm may be greatly affected by the level of physical activity. Researchers at the Harvard School of public health (HSPH) found that the number of sperm in healthy young men who spent a long time sitting and watching TV (as well as using computer) was lower than that in healthy young men who often engaged in physical activity, many of them usually suffer from oligozoospermia or necrospermia.

Interior fitter
Long term contact with paint will affect sperm quality. There are a lot of heavy metals such as toluene and formaldehyde in the paint, as well as many additives. One of them is called environmental estrogen, which will play the role of some estrogen.
At the same time, it will cause great damage to our bodies. For example, it may cause gonadal dysplasia, tumor, or some congenital aberrations. Environmental estrogens not only affect spermatogenesis but also damage the quality of spermatogenesis, resulting in some sperm deformity and so on.
Salespeople are always talking about business, so alcohol and tobacco are inevitable. Compared with those who did not smoke or drink for a long time, the number of spermatozoa was about 17% lower, the motility of spermatozoa was low, and the deformity rate was significantly increased. In the same way, the number of normal sperm in long-term smokers also decreased by about 10% on average.

The incidence of abnormal spermatozoa was significantly higher in those who smoked 20 to 30 cigarettes per day and higher in those who smoked more than 30 cigarettes per day. The longer the smoking time, the more abnormal sperm, and with the decrease of normal sperm numbers, the sperm motility will also be weakened.
In addition, the rate of infertility in engineering is three times that of ordinary men. Engineering and technical personnel are in high tension for a long time. Radiation from equipment, experimental instruments, and other aspects has a strong ability to kill sperm. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on the reproductive system are mainly manifested in the reduction of male sexual function and sperm quality.
If the sperm are exposed to large doses of radiation, it may cause chromosome aberration. The influence of male infertility caused by semiosis on the whole family is extremely bad. Therefore, patients must actively prevent, once found, timely treatment.

Aiming at the cause of the disease, if it is caused by reproductive inflammation, we can use Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Disease to kill bacteria and diminish inflammation, regulate the whole body, balance Yin and Yang, activating the blood flow, and return the function of reproductive function normal.
And you can also use scientific and technological treatment equipment, according to different conditions, choose different ways to treat the focus. The combination of medicine and physical therapy can make drug efficacy absorb quickly and break through the barrier of medicine.

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