Success Case On Necrospermia

Date:2019-04-09 click:0
“I’ve married for 3 years without a baby because of necrospermia. This disease is caused by years of chronic prostatitis. I’ve tried all possible methods I know to cure this infection but no result. I have no idea what to do next.” - Mr. Field,  36 years old, from Bulgaria
He has been diagnosed with necrospermia for about one and a half year. It was affected by the chronic prostatitis. He has tried antibiotics to cure this disease, but the side effects made his condition even worse.

So he stopped taking antibiotics and started to take home remedies and physical therapies to relieve the pain and discomfort. But unfortunately, this chronic disease couldn’t be cured radically, even though many efforts have been done.

He found Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill by searching Google. A testimonial about curing necrospermia caused by chronic prostatitis brought him a new hope, so he decided to have a try. 
“Dr. Lee suggested me avoid eating food that would aggravate my condition, such as hot and spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, any foods that contains caffeine like tea and chocolates, red meat, sweets, foods that are high in Oxalic acid", he said.

"I keep to the food prohibitions and start to take this herbal treatment. My pain was greatly relived after two months medication. I continued taking this pill and hope it can really cure by infection. After 5 months effort, all my symptoms disappeared completely", he added with excitement, "I went to doctor and had a test of my sperm, it showed that the sperm quality and quantity turn to normal. I was so excited to hear the good news.”