Can Necrospermia Patients be Fertile? It's Not Absolute Infertility

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Males suffering from dead sperm disease will directly affect their fertility problems. There are many causes of male infertility, and dead sperm is one of them. Necrospermia does not mean that sperm are dead, but the survival rate of sperm is very low, which directly leads to male infertility. Many people think necrospermia is only for older men, but it's not true. Young people can get it too.

So what is necrospermia?
Necrospermia, also known as sperm motility syndrome, refers to the decline of sperm survival rate and dead sperm in more than 40% of the disease. Under normal circumstances, sperm is discharged from the body within 1 hour, and the survival of sperm is more than 70%. If more than 40 percent of the sperm die, it can interfere with conception. Sperm survival time should maintain 6 hours survival rate of more than 20%, and if there is no surviving sperm within 6 hours, it can cause infertility.
We all know that necrospermia can reduce male fertility and may even lead to infertility. However, is it usually impossible to get pregnant after suffering from dead sperm disease?
Among the diseases that cause male infertility, necrospermia is a prevalent cause. When the survival rate of male sperm is low, the ability to reproduce will decline, and it is easy to cause male infertility. It is also difficult for a woman to get pregnant if the sperm survival time is too short after being excreted. 
But, after suffering from necrospermia, it depends on the patient's details to know whether you can be pregnant normally. If the disease is very severe, the sperm survival rate is too low, and it is difficult to get pregnant normally. When the disease is not too serious, men have more surviving sperm, and there is a chance of normal pregnancy.
Most of the time, necrospermia is caused by diseases such as orchitis, prostatitis funiculitis, and other diseases, which can lead to male infertility. In addition to IVF surgery in the hospital, patients with necrospermia can also choose conservative treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, can be a good treatment for male infertility and other diseases caused by dead sperm, less sperm, and weak sperm.
In addition to medication, patients with necrospermia should pay attention to several aspects of their life:
1. Change life habits: Don't smoke, drink, stay up late, etc.
2. Diet: Try to eat light, fresh food, do not eat greasy, spicy, and cold stimulating food.
 3. Physical examination: Regular physical examination, such as chlamydia, prostate, and other examination items, to avoid bacterial infection.
4. Exercise: Moderate daily exercise can avoid obesity and enhance resistance.
5. Avoid high temperature: Sauna and other high-temperature environments will cause damage to sperm and inhibits sperm production.
6. Psychological adjustment: Male mood and sperm health have a close relationship, and you should keep a good mood. 
7. Vitamin supplement: Zinc, selenium, and vitamins C and E are essential for strong sperm. These nutrients are most abundant in fruits and vegetables. You can take health supplements if necessary.
8. Wear: Men in their teenage period should avoid tight pants. Your underwear choice is pure cotton loose, preferably sleep naked.
9. Reduce bad sex life: Take safe measures before sex to avoid infection that may cause urinary system disorders and damage sperm.
10. Reduce cosmetics use: Certain makeup substances can interfere with the testes and cause sperm to die.
11. Vaccination: Timely vaccination can avoid mumps and venereal diseases.
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