Why Do IT Men Easily Get Necrospermia

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Healthy sperm with high motility is a key factor affecting a man's fertility. If something goes wrong with a man's sperm, the first thing it affects is his fertility. Necrospermia is the main cause of infertility in many families, seriously affecting men's lives and daily work. Necrospermia is the death of sperm in male semen, which is bound to impact female conception, seriously affecting the rights of men to be fathers.


So why are IT men more susceptible to necrospermia?

1. Bad work environment: most IT men are chronically sedentary, which causes the seminal vesicle to heat up and be oppressed for a long time, thus affecting the viability of sperm in the testicles. In addition, long-term radiation exposure is also a major threat to sperm survival. In short, radiation and excessive temperature can affect the growth of male sperm, and long-term sedentary development can also affect the growth of sperm, leading to necrospermia. 

2. Smoking and drinking: smoking and drinking are the patents of almost all men, and IT men are not immune. Many IT men have habits of smoking and drinking. We know that tobacco and alcohol are harmful to human health and are the archenemy of men's sperm. Long-term smoking will affect the growth of sperm. 

Nicotine in cigarettes will directly damage men's sperm, reduce the sperm content of male semen, increase the rate of malformed sperm, and result in necrospermia and oligospermia. Alcohol will affect male fertility, fetal growth, and development and lead to abnormal fetal development, premature delivery, and abortion, which harm the mother and fetus greatly.

3. Malnutrition: long-term malnutrition in males can also lead to occur necrospermia. Due to busy work and supporting families, IT men often go back and forth. And usually, their diet is not balanced or regular, and they eat much fast food, which will lead to body nutrition disorders and hormone disorders in the long run. Their sperm need nutrients to grow. If malnutrition for a long time, sperm will not be nutritionally desirable, leading to necrospermia.

4. Inflammation of reproductive organs: Inflammation can also lead to male necrospermia. Many IT men usually do not pay attention to genital health and sexual health. Especially sex in the female menstrual period can easily cause bacterial infection and inflammation. Inflammation can cause male reproductive organs congestion and edema, blood stasis, and ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in necrospermia.


How is necrospermia treated? 

Because of the variety of causes, there are a variety of treatments. But no matter what treatment is used, the most important thing is to improve the environmental conditions of sperm survival. That is to say, they should eliminate all external factors affecting sperm production, generation, development and maturity. This is related to the treatment of various primary diseases. 

Based on various primary disease treatments, or after being cured, it is necessary to use drugs to increase the number of sperm, nourish sperm, promote their development, and supply the energy needed for sperm movement, so that they mature into healthy qualified sperm. 

It is recommended to use the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has good efficacy and no side effects. It can help regulate the body well and greatly benefits the treatment of necrospermia. 

Males should pay attention to daily life, prevent smoking and drinking, eat a balanced diet, avoid working for a long time in high temperatures, and maintain good health conditions. Patients should be timely to regular professional hospital inspection and treatment after the discovery of disease and strive to get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

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