Ten Causes of Necrospermia You Must Know

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Everyone should have heard of necrospermia, which is a common disease. Diagnosis of necrospermia in men requires multiple semen tests. Some patients may have a history of chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. Some patients may have premature ejaculation or low libido, and some may not have obvious clinical symptoms.
Necrospermia can cause infertility and affect reproduction, and it should be appropriately treated in time. Medications like herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can fundamentally improve the symptoms of low sperm motility, thus curing necrospermia. Men should also find the cause and receive treatment. So, what are the causes of necrospermia?

1. Long-term abstinence
Suppose a man has irregular sexual life and does not ejaculate for a long time. In that case, it will lead to high sperm density, excessive sperm death, poor sperm motility, etc., but this is also a normal physiological phenomenon.
2. Inflammation of the reproductive organs
In addition to chronic inflammation of the seminal vesicles, other diseases can lead to many sperm deaths. When men have orchitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, and other diseases, they can also increase sperm deaths. Especially after the onset of chronic prostatitis, the sperm secretion contains inflammatory substances—the content of zinc in the testicles decreases, which is also more likely to cause sperm death.
3. Varicocele
When a man develops varicocele, the testis, epididymis, and other tissues will have different degrees of blood circulation disorder, which can cause the temperature of the testis to rise, and the sperm can cause hypoactivity when exposed to high temperature. It can also lead to inactivity in severe cases.
4. Congenital factors
Congenital developmental abnormalities, such as bilateral cryptorchidism and congenital testicular hypoplasia, will cause necrospermia.

5. Drug stimulation
In particular, sedatives, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs, Marilyn in chemical medications, and hormone drugs in drugs hinder the growth of sperm. Therefore, men should try to avoid long-term and large-scale exposure to such harmful substances. In addition, radiation exposure may also cause abnormalities in sperm chromosomes, so abuse should be avoided.
6. Temperature 
Sperm is susceptible to temperature, and high temperature is a cruel test of survival for sperm. Therefore, if men like to wear tight-fitting and airtight underwear, jeans, or have the habit of soaking in a hot bath, or even work in a high-temperature environment, it will cause necrospermia for a long time.
7. Smoking and drinking
According to research by scientists, the nicotine in cigarettes can harm sperm, reduce the amount of sperm in male semen, and increase the content of abnormal sperm. In addition, alcohol can weaken reproductive function, cause chromosomal abnormalities, and further cause the occurrence of fetal malformations or underdevelopment.

8. Mental state
In particular, a low mood will harm human body secretion, and the sperm production function of male testicles will also be confused. The number of sperm may decrease sharply, and even severely, it will cause infertility.
9. Lack of nutrients
The production and growth of sperm require the human body to supplement essential nutrients continuously. If men have a habit of partial eclipse, it will cause uneven nutritional intake and make sperm hungry. Of course, it will cause sperm weakness, exhaustion, and even death. Sexual desire and sexual function can also be hindered.
10. Immune factors
Sperm and seminal plasma can produce antibodies against the sperm in the body and cause male infertility. The ejected sperm will self-agglutinate and cannot penetrate the cervical mucus.
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