The Patient with Necrospermia Is Pregnant, What Is the Reason?

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Necroptosis is a common andrological disease among men, which greatly impacts male reproductive function, and patients must go to the hospital for professional treatment in time. 
Necrospermia can only mean that the sperm motility is relatively low, but there will still be a particular ability to conceive, and of course, it is possible to get pregnant. There are many reasons for necrosis. The main reasons are varicocele, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, and abnormal hormone levels.
Typically, if the sperm is 100% dead sperm, there should be no pregnancy. But it needs to be reviewed because, for every routine semen test, the results will not be the same. Regular semen testing is recommended. Men who smoke, drink alcohol live irregularly, and often stay up late, the incidence of necrospermia may be higher. So if there is necrospermia, oligospermia, and so on, patients need regular check-ups. It is possible that with the improvement of living habits, sperm quality may change.
Necrospermia often affects pregnancy, reducing the chance of a successful pregnancy, but accidental pregnancies can also occur. Miscarriage is prone to occur even in pregnancy with poorly developed embryos. Necrospermia mainly refers to the reduction of sperm survival. More than 40% of dead sperm or most sperm are dead sperm, and the survival rate of sperm is low. If you plan to become pregnant, it is recommended to treat necrospermia.
Patients with necrospermia usually have some diseases, and diseases can cause significant harm to the body. If not treated in time, it will lead to infertility. At the same time, it will also reduce the survival rate of sperm, which will cause particular harm to the body. If there is necrospermia, go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid delaying the disease.
It is necessary to find the cause and treat necrospermia accordingly. Usually, after the cause is eradicated, the asthenospermia will improve or disappear.
The most common factors that lead to necrospermia in clinical practice are as follows:
1. The main cause of necrospermia is the inflammation of reproductive organs, such as chronic orchitis, epididymitis, and prostatitis. In particular, chronic prostatitis will cause semen secretion to be affected and the trace element zinc to drop, thereby affecting the metabolism of sperm.
2. Semen pH imbalance. Since sperm can survive in an environment with acid-base balance, if the acid-base ratio is unbalanced, sperm will die.
3. The reproductive system is infected. When the male reproductive system is congested and the blood circulation is blocked, the sperm may be in a state of hypoxia, and death will occur.
4. The lack of nutrients, such as zinc, magnesium, and other elements. Sperm can also die because they do not get enough nutrients.
In treating necrospermia, if it is caused by various inflammations, such as orchitis, seminal vesiculitis, and so on, it is necessary to carry out anti-inflammatory and antiviral treatment of the disease. Patients can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to reduce and eliminate inflammation to improve the living environment of sperm and the quality of sperm. It is also a good treatment for diseases such as male infertility caused by dead sperm.
Patients with necrospermia should also follow relevant precautions during treatment and eat more foods that are beneficial to the kidneys at ordinary times. They also need to exercise more to enhance immunity and physical fitness, which has a good auxiliary effect on treatment.
Necrospermia can be cured. First, it is necessary to find the cause and treat it fundamentally. And patients should also pay attention to their health care.
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