What should You Do If You Find Asthenozoospermia in Pregnancy Preparation?

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Sperm is essential for male fertility, and once there is a problem with sperm, male fertility will also be affected. Clinically, azoospermia and asthenozoospermia are more common, especially asthenozoospermia. Asthenozoospermia is a condition where the sperm is so weak that it cannot successfully enter the woman's body and combine with the egg to form an embryo. Therefore, once a man finds out that he has weak sperm, he should take time to restore his sperm to normal.

What should be done when asthenozoospermia is found in pregnancy preparation?
1. Identify the cause and treat the problem
Once asthenozoospermia is found, the cause must be identified to treat the problem. There are many causes of vulnerable spermatozoa, such as inflammation of the reproductive organs, lack of nutrition, endocrine dysfunction, etc. The various reasons for weak sperm need to take relevant measures to restore sperm to normal, such as eliminating inflammation, supplementing nutrition, and regulating endocrine function.
Medication can be used to treat weak sperm. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for patients. Many patients have been treated for watery sperm, improved sperm quality and successfully had children after using Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are safe and harmless, with more than 50 kinds of herbs as ingredients, and they do not have side effects on the body even after long-term use. After treatment, it can also increase the possibility of natural pregnancy.
2. Avoid testicular temperature increase
The testicular temperature should be kept at about 35°C. When the testicular temperature is too high, sperm will be affected, which will lead to a decrease in sperm vitality and quality over time. Therefore, men should avoid the testicles being in a high-temperature environment, such as sitting for a long time, taking a hot bath, wearing tight pants, etc.
3. Appropriate exercise
When men are too obese, the temperature in the groin will continue to rise, which will affect the sperm so that control weight can improve sperm quality. And want to control weight should be appropriate exercise. Exercise can consume fat and relax the body and mind. Proper training can regulate the endocrine, not only can improve sexual function but also improve sperm quality.
4. Maintain good lifestyle habits
At present, because of the fast pace of life and high quality of diet, many people's lives there are irregular diet and habits, such as often stay up late, overeating, and these are the reasons for the decline in sperm quality. So eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins to improve sperm quality; and to avoid staying up late, not smoking and not drinking, regulating endocrine, avoiding sperm damage by harmful substances, which will also improve sperm production function, so that sperm quality and quantity remain within the normal range.
5. Do not blindly take drugs
Many men who suffer from weak sperm will blindly believe in various advertisements and prescriptions and will casually take drugs to improve sperm quality. However, such behavior can harm the organ and even cause a continuous decline in sperm quality and quantity, so pay attention to the use of drugs according to the guidance of doctors, not blindly.
It is important to note that once men find themselves with asthenozoospermia during pregnancy preparation, they do not have to be overly anxious and can effectively improve by taking relevant measures. After all, most weak sperm is caused by physiological factors and does not give too much stress. Proper relaxation to maintain a happy mood is also the key to improve the quality and quantity of sperm.
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