6 Top Causes of Asthenozoospermia You Should Know

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Sperm problems are one of the most common causes leading to infertility for male. Asthenozoospermia is the medical term for reduced sperm motility that indicates the low sperm activity. Function of sperm movement directly influences the reproduction ability. As a result, it is necessary for all male to get basic knowledge about Asthenozoospermia to prevent infertility problem in their daily life.
6 Top Causes of Asthenozoospermia
1. Abnormal sperma liquefaction
High viscosity of the sperm is one cause leading to male infertility. The most important factor resulting in infertility is by influencing the sperm motion ability. Slender fibrous protein and mutual reticulocyte are visible in Non-liquefied semen of the seminal plasma, which can reduce the space for sperm activity and tie down the movement of sperm.
2. Inflammation
Acute or chronic inflammation diseases of reproductive tract, including epididymis, sperm duct, seminal vesicle and prostate, can reduce the movement ability of sperm. The inflammation causes of Asthenozoospermia are various. The direct effect of microorganism on sperm can increase fluid dynamic resistance, slow down movement speed, affect sperm activity and the ability to penetrate the egg, for example, mycoplasma can be absorbed in the sperm head, middle and or tail area.
3. Immunological factors
Antisperm antibodies can affect sperm fertilization function in several different ways. Effect on sperm vitality may be the combination of antisperm antibodies and sperm tail which can obstruct the sperm vitality and reduce its movement. It has been confirmed by the fact that the ability of sperm penetrating the cervical mucus reduces markedly when antisperm antibody exists around the sperm tails.
4. Varicocele
Varicocele can result in male infertility through various channels. It can not only affect ability of producing sperm, but also decrease sperm motility. Its mechanism may be caused by the blood retention of varicose veins, the microcirculation disorder, lack of nutrition supply and decreased oxygen partial pressure which can lead to insufficient energy production and endocrine dysfunction.
5. Internal secretion
Internal secretion hormone not only has effect on the development of sperm but also influences sperm movement ability.
6. Chromosome abnormalities
Autosomes and sex chromosome aberration can not only affect the sperm quantity, but also affect the living rate and the movement ability of sperm. 
To sum up, sperm is of great importance to male. Energetic sperm should be over seventy percent after ejaculation. And if the energetic sperm is less than fifty percent, it can be called Asthenozoospermia. However, one can cure Asthenozoospermia completely through taking relevant medicine, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is made of Chinese herbs without side effects. This medicine has great effect on Asthenozoospermia.