Why Can Many Males Get Asthenospermia?

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Many newly married couples begin to prepare for pregnancy after marriage, eager to have a healthy and lovely baby. But after a period of preparation, his wife was not pregnant. The man went to the hospital for a check-up only to find that he had asthenospermia. 

Asthenospermia is a condition in which sperm motility and quality are low. It is one of several leading causes of male infertility. What pathogenic factors does asthenospermia have? Let's take a look at it together.
What are the pathogenic factors of asthenospermia?
1. Some bad habits
Many inconspicuous daily habits will cause the quality of male sperm to decline. For example, some men like to take saunas and hot springs in a relatively hot environment. Though these activities can relax the body and get rid of fatigue, they can significantly affect sperm.
The optimum temperature for sperm survival is around 35 degrees Celsius. Doing a bath in saunas and hot springs too often will affect the survival and development of sperm, making sperm activity low and producing asthenospermia. In addition, men who like to wear tights in their lives are also prone to asthenospermia.
2. Disease causes
Some male diseases can also lead to asthenospermia, such as varicocele, epididymitis, orchitis, etc. Other infections such as mycoplasma infection and prostatitis can lead to a severe lack of sperm nutrients, leading to asthenospermia and reduced fertility.
So men must not neglect their physical health. If these diseases occur, they must get timely treatment so as not to damage the health of the body while affecting male fertility. 
The cure of any disease should first find its cause. For example, varicocele causes poor sperm environment and low sperm motility in some people. Treatment for this condition may involve taking drugs for varicocele.
Some males have low sperm motility caused by epididymitis, orchitis, mycoplasma, and other inflammatory infections. They can use antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs to have a symptomatic treatment. However, due to the side effects of some antibiotics, more and more patients began to choose effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for a cure. Importantly, it has no side effects.
3. Endocrine abnormalities
Male endocrine abnormalities can also lead to reduced sperm motility. These endocrine abnormalities, such as too little male hormone secretion, too much female hormone secretion, and thyroid hormone secretion abnormalities, may lead to a series of sperm problems of decreased sperm and motility.
4. Radiation
Radiation affects the quality of sperm and the activity of sperm. If men live in a high-radiation working environment for a long time, it is difficult to avoid being affected by radiation even with protective clothing.
Male infertility rates are high in the IT industry. Because they are often exposed to computer exposure. So if men want to protect their fertility, it is best to be able to change jobs within their ability.
Warm reminder: the four pathogenic factors leading to male asthenospermia are the above. Hopefully, all men can protect their sperm as far as possible to avoid the above four pathogenic factors!
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