How to Reduce Long Sperm Liquefaction Time?

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Many people know that sperm liquefy some time after ejaculation so they can swim without restraint and facilitate union with the egg. However, some men are now experiencing the problem of long sperm liquefaction time, but they do not know how to solve it. So, why does the sperm liquefaction time become longer? What should be done to reduce the liquefaction time of sperm?

A long sperm liquefaction time means that the sperm does not liquefy or liquefies incompletely within half an hour after ejaculation. Usually, men will liquefy their sperm within half an hour after ejaculation. If the sperm takes a longer time to liquefy, it means that the liquefaction is poor, which can affect the normal movement of sperm and thus can lead to male infertility. Therefore, men should beware if there is something wrong with their bodies.
The main reasons for long sperm liquefaction time are insufficient fibrinolytic enzymes secreted by the prostate due to seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis; deficiency of trace elements (magnesium, zinc, etc.); congenital prostate deficiency, etc.
Ways to reduce the long liquefaction time of sperm:
1. Healthy eating
For some situations in which sperm is not liquefied due to infectious factors, patients should eat less or no spicy and stimulating foods. In addition, greasy food should also be eaten sparingly because excessive heat and humidity will increase the viscosity of semen, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.
2. Protein supplement
Protein is the basic raw material of semen. Lack of protein will lead to unbalanced amino acid concentration in the body and affect the production of semen, and protein supplementation can promote the production of sperm and help to improve sperm indigestion.
3. Zinc and selenium supplementation
Zinc and selenium supplementation has a significant effect on improving the long liquefaction time of sperm. The bactericidal function of the prostate gland depends on the participation of zinc, so zinc supplementation can effectively treat sperm liquefaction caused by prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. Besides, the trace elements zinc and selenium are involved in the synthesis and transport of testosterone in men, helping to improve the activity of semen liquefaction enzymes and shorten the liquefaction time of semen.
A lack of these two trace elements in men's bodies can lead to sperm quality problems such as sperm non-liquefaction, little sperm, and weak sperm. The impact of zinc and selenium on male reproductive health is evident, so you can eat more foods with high zinc and selenium content, such as oysters, animal liver, seafood, eggs, pork, etc.
4. Adherence to the exercise
Exercise can promote metabolism and is conducive to the metabolism of sperm generation; training can also enhance immunity, reduce the chances of the male reproductive system being infected, and effectively prevent recurrent attacks. Exercise is essential to adhere to, five days a week exercise rest two days, 30 minutes - 1 hour a day is more appropriate, of course, the good physical strength of the male better, but do not appear to exercise over fatigue. In addition, men should develop regular habits and get enough sleep.
5. No indiscriminate use of drugs
Some men have long sperm liquefaction time that is not cured, and they have the idea of seeking medical help in an emergency, blindly using drugs. This wastes money and strongly affects the male reproductive system, damaging sperm and even causing infertility.
Therefore, when sperm liquefaction is long, men should go to the hospital to check the prostate and seminal vesicles. If there is a problem, it can be detected and treated early. In this case, patients can take the natural for treatment. This method is generally based on the identification and symptoms to determine if it is loss of kidney yang, internal dampness, heat, deficiency of kidney yang, or blood stasis and blue stasis. 
Different prescriptions are taken for treatment. The natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It can act on the whole urinary system to eliminate inflammation and has good effects on prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, oligospermia, asthenospermia, and male infertility.
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