What causes to result in chronic prostatitis?

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Nowadays, more and more male friends are troubled by chronic prostatitis, whatever they are elder, young or child-bearing. Well, this being the case, then it is very important for us to find out the reasons to bring about chronic prostatitis. How many causes to be infected with chronic prostatis, next, let’s talk about it.
Chronic prostatitis had the trend appearing in men who have the intercourses and elder men in the past, however, according to the latest statistics, young men is also becoming gradually the groups suffering from chronic prostatitis. The main reason for young men with the disease is because they have poor habits of living, such as: staying up late to play games in a long period, sitting or standing for a long time , or long-term smoking and drinking ,these are absolutely the causes to result in recurrent congested prostatitis.
In addition, As for child-bearing men, if they like to frequent masturbation, long-time sexual intercourse and so on, then recurrent congestion of the prostate will be created, later, inducing the prostatitis. Supposed they have the sex with partners with chlamydia or mycosplasma, an increasing risk of getting the prostate infections will be caused by chlamydia or mycosplasma under the help of the urine tract. In this situation, chlamydial prostatitis and mycoplasma prostatitis occur in succession.
 Besides these causes, some rare causes include the stimulation of the urine fluid, factors from the immune systems, etc. they can lead to the prostatitis. The stimulation of the urine fluid will make mucous membrane of urethra be damaged, then there is a lower ability against the pathogens, in a result, lots of pathogens will have a 
retrograde infection to the prostate via the urine tract; factors in the immune system are mainly the prostate antigen, then prostate tissues will be damaged, finally, prostatitis is brought out.
Whatever the causes of chronic prostatitis are, if it is the existence of the bacteria after checking up, then patients should make a positive attitude to diminish the inflammation. In the case, “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” will be more helpful for the treatment. Meanwhile, if chronic prostatitis is caused by poor habits of living, it is needed for patients to adjust their own timetable to offer the body a good rest for a health circulation.