What type of damages can be triggered by long-time sexual intercourse?

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There is no doubt that sexual intercourse is important for couples. However, lots of people misunderstand that orgasm is built on persistent sexual intercourse. In fact, lots of diseases like prostatitis or orchitis can be induced by it. Therefore, people should pay much to the consequence of long-time sexual intercourse.  
Under the intercourse, not only can the sexual organs of men and women stay in greatly congestion, lots of other organs but also take part in this process and become excited, such as highly speed heart, strain muscle. Therefore, oxygen consuming and metabolism can be enhanced after long-time intercourse. Therefore, long-time intercourse can affect people’s work and activities.
Highly congested prostate gland
Long-time intercourse can also bring highly congested prostate gland to men. There is no doubt that prostate gland is an important sexual organ. During intercourse, lots of blood will accumulate and stay in this gland. Therefore, long-time intercourse can also bring highly congested prostate gland to men.
As I mentioned before that the sexual organs are congested during intercourse. However, since the congested organ is the most favorable environment for bacteria to reproduce. Therefore, prostatitis will be induced by long-time intercourse. According to a report from health center, long-time intercourse can bring UTI and irregular menses to women and prostatitis to men.
Since so many damages can be induced by long-tome intercourse, correct sexual viewpoint is good for health. It is better for men and women to build a healthy sexual viewpoint. They should build a regular sexual habit and refuse frequent intercourse. What’s more, the regular intercourse is also good for prostate, because discomfort caused by un-released prostatic fluid can be released.
All in all, to prevent these damages cured by long-time intercourse, proper intercourse is necessary. As for the complication – prostatitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good solution. For women if they affect some gynecological diseases, they can take herbal formula – Fuyan Pill to cure them.