Is Frequent Nocturnal Emissions A Sign Of Prostatitis?

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Nocturnal emission is an important symbol of development after men getting into puberty. Normal nocturnal emission is a physiological phenomenon, it won’t bring harm to the body. However, some males can have frequent nocturnal emissions, it usually has connection to prostatitis, a common disease in males. Is frequent nocturnal emissions a sign of prostatitis? How to cure this phenomenon caused by prostatitis?
As we mentioned that nocturnal emission is a symbol of male maturity, it refers to spermatorrhea when sleeping. Generally speaking, unmarried young men will have nocturnal emission once a month, or once to three times a week. But if a man have nocturnal emission for three or four times a week for a long period, it can be regarded as an abnormal phenomenon. It’s necessary to get diagnosed and have a proper treatment. 
Sexual organs or local lesions of urinary system, such as overlength phimosis or prepuce, urethritis, or prostatitis, these lesions can stimulate the sexual organs to and cause nocturnal emission. Therefore, if noticed this phenomenon is too frequent, the causes mentioned all can be considered, the specific cause has to be examined. 
After the prostate fluid examination, it’s found that white blood cells in the prostatic fluid in microscopy at high magnification view is more than 10 and the lecithin corpuscle decrease, it can be diagnosed as prostatitis; or the B ultrasound shows that the prostate tissue structure boundary is not clear and disorganized, it can be diagnosed as prostatitis.    

Treatment of nocturnal emission caused by prostatitis 
Though prostatitis has high recurrent rate, the treatments for this disease usually have no obvious curative effect. Western medicine mainly use antibiotic treatment. According to the patients’ susceptibility testing to drugs, doctors will choose the corresponding antibiotics to patients. But its shortage is that it’s not suitable to take this medicine for a long time. Besides, it has no effect on chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, so it has some weaknesses on the treatment. Therefore, patients usually need to take traditional Chinese medicine to have a radical cure.    
In the treatment of prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine can cure the disease from the overall aspects. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is commonly used for curing prostatitis, the cure rate is relatively high. The herbs in the pill have the properties of clearing away heat and toxins, so it has the same effect as antibiotics. The difference is traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects like drug resistance and kidney damage. Moreover, this pill contains guiding drugs which can lead the medicine to the infected area.     
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has varied functions of clearing away heat and toxins, promote the circulation of blood and qi, induce diuresis and relieve stranguria. It can eliminate the pathogens from the root of the disease and enhance patients’ immunity. Thus, the prostatitis can be cured permanently, that is to say the frequent nocturnal emission can be eliminated.    

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