Natural Treatments for Chronic Prostatitis

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The improvement effect of drug treatment on the symptoms of chronic prostatitis is very obvious; nevertheless, due to the adverse reactions of drugs, the compliance of drug treatment has not been very good, so most of the treatment will be combined with non-drug treatment for some patients, non-drug therapy, such as hydrotherapy, which also has very good effects.

Hydrotherapy uses hot water, cold water, steam, and other forms of water for health preservation or prevention of diseases. It has been one of the treatment methods in the traditional medicine of many nationalities in the world since ancient times.
Hydrotherapy can effectively increase the blood circulation of the prostate:
1. Sit in hot water (the highest temperature you can stand) for 15-30 minutes, once or twice a day.
2. Spray the abdomen and pelvis area with warm and cold water, alternately with 3 minutes of warm water and 1 minute of cold water.

With the rapid development of stem cell technology in recent years, using the characteristics of stem cell anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, promoting tissue repair, researchers have confirmed the feasibility of the intervention in chronic nephritis, renal failure, premature ovarian failure and other diseases related to the urinary and reproductive system. At present, there are also breakthroughs in the treatment of male prostatitis.

Nutritional supplements
Although it is not well understood how they work, some natural remedies have helped men manage the symptoms of prostatitis. Many natural supplements are intended to provide nutritional support. They have anti-inflammatory properties and can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics.
Some of the most common supplements are Bromelain, Proteolytic enzymes, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Flaxseed, Probiotics, Quercetin, Selenium, Zinc.

Using two hands to exert different forces, skills, and abilities on the patient's body to stimulate certain specific parts to restore or improve the vitality of the human body and promote the recovery.
By massaging the prostate related acupoints, draining the prostatic fluid, removing the inflammatory substances, it can reach the goal of eliminating the prostatic secretion, improving the local blood circulation, and promoting the elimination of inflammation.
Fruit therapy
When people are suffering from chronic prostatitis, the zinc content is obviously reduced, and it is difficult to improve. Compared with common zinc-containing drugs, apple juice is more effective, safe, digestible and easy to be accepted by patients.
Tomatoes and carrots contain a lot of β - carotene and lycopene, which can increase the number of sperm, improve sperm swimming speed, reduce the number of abnormal sperm, reduce the incidence of prostate and improve the symptoms of male prostatitis. The rich vitamin C in Citrus is not only good for absorption and digestion, enhances immunity; more importantly, it has the role of calming nerves, anti-aging prostate.

For chronic prostatitis, drug treatment should be supplemented by some targeted workouts, as it can enhance physical fitness, shorten the course of the disease, improve the treatment effect. Jogging and Taijiquan once a day or every two days can effectively improve the discomfort in the perineum and urinary system.

Plant oil for aromatherapy is the medium to lead small molecule essential oil into the circulation of the human body, and it also takes into account the physical and mental problems.
For example, the pumpkin seed oil extracted by cold pressure is completely preserved, it is rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and plant sterols, vitamins and various minerals and other bioactive substances. Pumpkin seed oil is rich in mineral zinc and phytosterol, which can act on enlarged prostate, reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms such as the urgency of urination, burning sensation and pain.

It can affect the endocrine environment of the tissue, regulate the function of the pituitary-adrenal cortex, promote the release of the adrenocortical hormone, enhance the stress of the body and the ability of tissue repair, and promote the elimination of inflammation in the local tissue.

Herbal supplements
Several herbs may be used to treat prostatitis and associated urinary tract infections. Although they cannot cure prostatitis completely, they can do give some symptoms relief, such as bearberry, echinacea, and goldenseal, flower pollen extract, pellitory of the wall, saw palmetto.
However, recent data show that herbs and dietary supplements account for about 20% of drug-induced hepatotoxicity in the United States. Why do pure natural herbs cause harm to the human body?
Herbs are often taken by patients at will and without reasonable compatibility because they think these plants are safe and natural. According to traditional medicine, herbal medicine with reasonable compatibility can not only improve the therapeutic effect of each medicine but also counteract the negative effects of each medicine, so there will be no side effects.
For example, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a patented herbal prescription, is developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping through reasonable addition and subtraction of more than 50 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines on the basis of the ancient formula.

After more than 20 years of clinical use, it has constantly been improving the formula in practice, reasonably controlling the dosage ratio of the ingredients, and it is found that there is no side effect after years of clinical practice.
Moreover, it can make the gland shrink to its original elasticity and flexibility, with the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, the blood flow returns to normal, the microcirculation and nutrition supply of the gland tissue will be promoted, so as to make the prostate function return to normal. Therefore, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can give a thorough cure to chronic prostatitis and relieve pain and other symptoms gradually.

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