Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Prostatitis

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In recent years, with the rapid development of stem cell technology, because of its advantages in rapid proliferation, low immunogenicity, multi-directional differentiation, immunosuppression and tissue repairability, it has been used in the clinical treatment of more than 100 kinds of diseases.
Chronic prostatitis is a common inflammatory disease in men. Its clinical symptoms are repetitive and challenging to treat. Conventional anti-inflammatory drugs are difficult to achieve the curative role of the prostate, and it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory therapeutic effect. Stem cells can secrete a variety of cytokines to inhibit the occurrence and progress of inflammation, so the emergence of stem cell therapy has brought light to the clinical intervention of chronic prostatitis.
At present, many clinical studies have confirmed that stem cells can improve the number and activity of Treg cells. Stem cells inhibit the production of IFN - γ, secrete TGF - β cytokines, stimulate T lymphocytes to differentiate into Treg cells, increase their number, increase their activity, have a protective effect on prostate and repair the immune system.
A stem cell researcher shared relevant research results. "Our laboratory research shows that untreated stem cells do not have the ability to inhibit immune response, that is to say, they have low immunogenicity, but when stimulated by related pro-inflammatory factors, they show strong immunosuppression.

In November 2018, Roswell Park Institute and others published a review article entitled "prostate luminal generator cells in development and cancer" on trends in cancer, a sub-Journal of the Cell. In this review, we summarized the important role of LP in prostate tissue development, organ function, cell differentiation, and prostate regeneration.
At the same time, the author discussed the new target of intervention in serious prostate diseases found by transcriptome analysis and looked forward to the future research of stem cell therapy intervention in major prostate diseases.

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