Magnetic Therapy for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

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The method of treating diseases by applying a magnetic field to the human body is called magnetic therapy. The mechanism of magnetic therapy is to accelerate the regeneration of cells, enhance the vitality of blood cells, purify the blood, improve microcirculation, correct the imbalance and disorder of endocrine, and regulate the balance of physiological functions of the body.
Therapeutic effect
1. Relieve pain
The analgesic effect of magnetic therapy is obvious and rapid. It has a good analgesic effect on traumatic pain, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain and tumor pain.
1.1 Magnetic field reduces the response of sensory nerve endings to external stimulation, reduces the afferent of a sensory nerve, and thus achieves the effect of analgesia;
1.2 Under the effect of the magnetic field, the collective blood circulation increased, the absorption and dissipation of inflammatory exudates accelerated, the concentration of pain-causing substances decreased, and the compression effect of swelling on nerve endings reduced;
2. Diminish inflammation and swelling
Magnetic therapy has good effects on acute inflammation, subacute inflammation, and chronic inflammation because the magnetic field can strengthen the local blood circulation and improve the tissue permeability, which is conducive to the dissipation and absorption of the exudate.
In addition, the magnetic field can also improve the non-specific immunity of the body, make the white blood cells active, and enhance the phagocytic ability, so it has the effect of detumescence and anti-inflammatory.

3. Enhance immunity
The effects of magnetic field on immune function are different. Most experiments show that the magnetic field can improve the phagocytosis rate of leukocytes and kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and other bacteria. It can also improve the level of complement and immunoglobulin.
In conclusion, magnetic therapy has a certain therapeutic effect on chronic bacterial prostatitis. However, prostatitis is a complex pathological change of inflammation, immunity and neuroendocrine of the prostate caused by a variety of complex causes and inducements, so the therapeutic effect is not obvious, and there is not enough scientific support at present.
Therefore, conventional drug therapy is still necessary. The patients who have no effect on the routine treatment can be treated with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. There is no need to worry about the growth of intestinal drug-resistant bacteria and side effects on the body. 
What’s more, under the effect of channel ushering drugs, the drug efficacy can penetrate the prostate membrane directly to the lesion, remove the inflammation of the reproductive, urinary tract from the root, help the prostate recover its normal function, and relieve the discomfort. 

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