Clear away Chronic Prostatitis with 11 Powerful Herbal Remedies

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Prostatitis is an inflammatory reaction that occurs when the prostate is infected by pathogens such as microorganisms or stimulated by some non-infectious factors, and the clinical manifestations include discomfort or pain in the prostate area, urination issues, and abnormal discharge from the urethra, which is a common but disturbing disease.
General antibiotics are not easy to enter the prostate tissue; it also explains why the treatment is so difficult and challenging in the clinic. At present, the chemical treatment of the prostate has not been very effective. The effect of natural plants on prostate diseases has gradually attracted the attention of the medical community.
Saw palmetto

It is mainly distributed in the warm southeast of the United States, such as South Carolina, Mississippi, to Florida. According to an authoritative test in the United States, the unique plant sterols and plant fatty acids in palm fruit can effectively eliminate prostatitis. The FDA also classified it as a medicine with no adverse reactions, no safety limit, great health-care effect.

This kind of plant fruit looks like the shape of a human's hip, and it is originated in African countries. People call it Africanpygeum topengii. The extract and fruit can inhibit the growth of human fibroblasts and slow down the production of epidermal growth factor, which has a significant effect on prostate disease.
The extract contains sterols and terpenoids, which can reduce the excessive prostaglandins in patients, reduce the cholesterol deposited in the prostate, improve the fragility of veins and capillaries, and have the effect of diuresis and anti-edema, which can reduce the occurrence of prostatic problems and sexual organ diseases.

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