Which is better for prostatitis candida, antibiotics or herbal therapy?

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In clinic, men are susceptible to prostatitis by kinds of pathogens, such as bacteria, chlamydia, fungus, mycoplasma and so on. Of the fungus, candida is one of the common germs. When the candida attacks men, men will suffer from prostatitis candida. When having this disease, antibiotic or herbal therapy like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is commonly used. Then, which is better for prostatitis candida?
Candida is a yeast, also classified as a fungus. Nystatin is an oral anti-fungal medication available by a prescription. Nystatin kills yeast by binding to a specific compound, called ergosterol, found on yeast cell walls. Once bound, it causes the cell the leak, eventually causing its death. 
Nystatin is often the first drug prescribed to treat an overgrowth of Candida in the intestines, according to the Environmental Illness Resource. Because nystatin is not absorbed through the intestines, it is not effective in treating Candida infections outside of the digestive tract. However, this also means that nystatin does not induce unwanted side effects.
Fluconazole is a more recent anti-fungal medication, receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1990. Fluconazole is a systemic anti-fungal, meaning that it is absorbed through the intestines after oral administration. It is also one of the safest anti-fungal medications, with a low incidence of side effects that may include nausea and abdominal discomfort.
Besides, the cost of this medication is typically high and there is a 3 to 6 percent rate of drug resistance for Candida albicans, the most common yeast in humans according to statistics provided by The Fungal Research Trust. This means that the yeast are developing a resistance to this medication, rendering it useless in some cases.
Herbal therapy – Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
When having this disease, men can suffer from kinds of prostatitis symptoms. Herbal medicine has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, inducing diuresis and treating strangurtia, which can release the prostatitis symptoms effectively. Besides, the herbal therapy also has the functions of clearing away heat and killing bacteria, which helps patients clear the candida effectively. What is more, it is made of natural herbs, which can not produce any bad damages or side effects.
All in all, we can summarize that which medicine should choose depends on the disease condition. If patients are in the acute type of this disease, antibiotics are more suitable; however, if those antibiotics don’t affect any more, or the disease has been in chronic type, herbal cure for prostatitis like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is much better.