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Awaken by Urine During Sleep? The Most Recent Research

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In a study of 260 patients aged 18 to 79 with nocturia, Dr. Tikkinen of the General Hospital of University of Leicester, UK, found that the incidence of nocturia was 2% to 18% in those aged 20 to 40 and more than 60% in those aged 70 and older. The results also showed that the incidence of nocturia was 37% and 43% between men and women, respectively. 
At present, the medical field divides nocturia into four types: 1. Increased nocturia; 2. Reduced bladder capacity; 3. Mixed polyuria with both of the above; 4. Polyuria at 24 hours. 
1. Increased nocturia
In general, the total volume of urine excreted from the body in a normal adult within 24 hours is 1000 to 2000 mL. According to the International Continence Society, nocturnal polyuria is defined as (nocturnal urine volume/24-hour urine volume) ≥ 33%, but normal total urine volume within 24 hours. 
The causes of nocturia may include the following: 
Too much drinks before going to bed, such as alcohol, coffee, etc.; 
High mental stress, staying up late or working at night; 
Renal diseases such as sleep disorders, cardiac dysfunction, and glomerular diseases may also lead to nocturia; 
2. Reduced bladder capacity
Overactive bladder, pain, bladder outlet obstruction, prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic obstruction, bladder stones and even prostate tumors, can cause nocturia. 
3. Mixed polyuria: Nocturia + reduced bladder capacity 
In a previous study by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that evaluated 980 patients with nocturia, 57% had mixed symptoms caused by nocturia and reduced bladder capacity. Simple nocturia and decreased bladder capacity accounted for 7% and 23%, respectively. 
Based on the results of the study, they also found that the onset of mixed polyuria was somewhat related to age:  The majority of young adults had mixed polyuria dominated by "reduced bladder capacity"; The majority of the elderly had "nocturia" dominated mixed polyuria caused by a variety of reasons.
4. 24-hour polyuria
The volume of urine exceeded 20ml/kg in one day and night. The causes of 24-hour polyuria are usually classified as follows: 
The most common diseases are diabetes, diabetes insipidus, primary polydipsia, and hypercalcemia; Drugs such as diuretics, calcium channel inhibitors, and tetracyclines can cause 24-hour polyuria; History of central nervous system disease, such as brain injury, surgery, and mental factors, can also cause 24-hour polyuria.