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Inappropriate Weight Loss May Lead to Loss of Libido in Men

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According to recent survey, excessive weight loss of men will cause a decline in sexual desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other issues, so men should pay more attention in the case of weight loss, otherwise it can be a dangerous thing.

Effects of Weight Loss on Sexual Desire
They lose moisture at first, then start to consume a lot of fat, energy stored in the body is lost invisibly, and physical strength will decline significantly. Sex is a moderate intensity of exercise, after excessive weight loss, couples are easily unable to have sex. Being too thin and lacking the necessary fat also prevents couples from trying many sexual positions, and the quality of sexual intercourse declines significantly.

In addition, after losing weight, the visual attraction will also be discounted. Men may have very sensitive vision in sexual activities. Studies have shown that men are more likely treact sexually to heterosexuals with full curves and distinct female characteristics.

Experts warn that sexual desire, like appetite, is a natural instinct inherent in human beings. There is an important dependence between food and sexual function. Although eating may not directly improve sexual performance, eating right or wrong will certainly have a strong or negative effect. Unhealthy dietary habits are the main causes of more and more sexual dysfunction, such as decreased libido and decreased sexuality.
Long-term preference will directly affect sexual desire. Vegetarians are mostly sexually apathetic, men are more likely to have premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other issues. This is because animal fat can promote the secretion of sex hormones in the body, and low protein content in vegetarian diet will affect the brain to issue instructions, sex hormone secretion will be imbalanced. When there is a sexual hormone deficiency, human sexuality will follow the downward trend.

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