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What Kind of Diet Should Patients with Chronic Nephropathy Pay Attention to?

Date:2019-04-10 click:0
In the fast-paced social environment, many male or female friends suffer from diseases such as respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney cysts, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, etc, due to improper diet and hygiene habits in their daily lives.

These diseases will easily lead to acute nephritis and gradually converted into chronic glomerulonephritis when the acute nephritis is not properly treated or not cured after a long period. In China, a country with such a large population base, the incidence of kidney disease is still relatively high. So as a chronic nephrotic patients, what diet issues need to be noted?
First, we know tobacco and alcohol need to be banned, because tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances such as nicotine, tar, and so on, can damage liver and kidney function and inhibit the repair of renal units.

In addition, the fusel oil and nitrosamines in alcohol can cause kidney tissue degeneration and increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, nephropathy patients should not drink, strictly quit smoking to avoid liver and kidney damage.
Then, you need to limit your protein intake. Some people may wonder, isn't protein a good thing? Why limit it? This is because the kidney function of the patients with chronic kidney disease is not as good as the normal and can't digest well. By reducing protein intake, proteinuria can reduce kidney damage.

It also helps to reduce blood phosphorus and reduce acidosis. Chronic nephropathy patients can eat about 30g a day, with fish, lean meat, chicken, milk. Theyshould also reduce the intake of plant protein, otherwise the phenomenon of urine protein will aggravate .
At present, we have known the above diet attention and the need of low salt, low fat and low protein in our diet. Patients with chronic kidney disease also need to take more rest, since the kidney is also a detoxification organ. If we don't have a good sleep, it can also lead to increased toxins, which increases the burden on the kidneys and the damage to the kidneys.

Therefore, nephrotic patients can not have heavy physical activity, try to pay attention to the quality of rest. Only in this way can the disease be alleviated and controlled.