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Certain Foods Are Proved to be Effective for Treating Sexual Dysfunction

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Sexual dysfunction mainly refers to impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, oligozoospermia, apathy and infertility. Male sexual dysfunction includes sexual desire disorder, erectile dysfunction, sexual intercourse disorder and ejaculation disorder. 
The causes include:

1.  Biological factors. Sexual dysfunction may be caused by heredity, health status, hormone level, age, disease, etc. Drugs, long-term heavy drinking or drug addicts can also cause sexual dysfunction.

2.  Psychological factors. Psychological factors have a prominent impact on sexual function, including wrong sexual concept, past sexual experience, environmental factors, interpersonal tension and negative emotions caused by various external factors.

3.  Social and cultural factors. Because of the influence of religion and cultural background, some people have prejudices about sexual life. They think that sexual intercourse will deplete their vitality. Subjectively, they should abandon or reduce sexual activities, which can easily lead to sexual depression.
Sexual dysfunction can be treated through diet therapy.

1. Eat high-quality protein. High-quality protein includes chicken, duck, fish, lean meat and eggs, which can provide various amino acids needed for human sperm production.

2. Appropriate fat intake. Surveys show that women who have been vegetarian for a long time have delayed menarche age, decreased estrogen secretion, decreased sexual desire and affected reproductive ability. Men have limited sperm production, decreased sexual desire and even infertility due to reduced essential fatty acid intake.

3. Supplementation of vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin A and E are vitamins related to maintaining sexual function and delaying aging. They play a decisive role in promoting testicular development, increasing sperm production and improving sperm vitality. Vitamin C also plays an active role in the recovery of sexual function, which is rich in fresh jujube, hawthorn, green pepper, tomato and other fruits and vegetables.

In daily nursing, patients should learn some sexual knowledge together to eliminate mental tension and anxiety so as to relieve psychological burden. The man should give more comfort and caress. Before sexual intercourse, we should exchange feelings, touch the body and touch each other, so as to achieve emotional and agreeable spirits. During sexual intercourse, the man should be gentle and gentle, with gentle movements.

In addition, we should actively participate in physical exercise, adhere to daily exercise, can adjust the tension of mental work or neurohumoral disorders, such as jogging or walking 30 minutes a day, strive for a regular life, ensure adequate sleep, active weight loss and so on.