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Delayed Treatments for Prostatitis Could Induce Infertility

Date:2019-08-07 click:0
Now there're a lot of males diseases like cystitis, orchitis, prostatitis, oligospermia, hematospermia, infertility and so on. Mostly those diseases are caused due to the inflammation of the reproductive organs and of course including prostatitis.
Prostatitis is not only caused by the inflammatory cells, such as bacterial infections, over-drinking, holding urination, long sitting and standing can all cause prostate inflammation. On the contrary, prostatitis can also bring bad results to us like urination pain, dyspareunia, inflammation of the reproductive organs, low the sex quality and bring inflammatory cells to partner during sex, hurt both our mental and physical health.

Even prostatitis can decrease sperm quality, which can lead to infertility.


Delayed treatments for prostatitis can easily cause infertility. The prostate gland is the largest accessory gonadal gland in men, and its secretion of prostatic fluid is one of the main components of semen. Normal prostatic fluid contains a lot of citrate acid and phosphatase, make prostatic fluid shows weak acidity.

It also contains many trace elements and amino acids, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine and zinc, among which zinc plays an important role in maintaining the normal vitality of sperm.

Prostate contains some proteolytic enzymes, and it can make semen after the rapid liquefaction. 5a- reductase can transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone with stronger physiological activity and promote spermatogenic function of testis.

But recent clinical meta-analysis suggested that some patients with prostatitis may have abnormal semen parameters, such as non-liquefaction of semen, decreased sperm motility, decreased sperm survival rate, and increased abnormal sperm and then long time delay treatments lead to severe infertility.