Frequent Night Visits to Toilet Could Be Five Causes

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Many people think that it is matter for the middle-aged or the elderly to go on many visits to the toilet at night, but now many young people often say that they often wake up in their sleeps in the middle of the night and then have a sense of urine. They can't sleep without going to the toilet.

Is this kidney deficiency? Or is there a problem with the bladder?

In general, the daily urine output of the human body is about 1500ml. If the frequency of urination per day does not exceed 8 times, then one night visit to toilet is relatively normal.If you drink much water before going to bed at night, the frequency of getting up to the toilet at night will increase.

However, if the amount of drinking water is not proportional to the number of urination, or even more number of times at nights, while the amount of urination is only a little bit, that requires an immediate attention.

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