Asthenozoospermia Cured By Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Name: Mr. Carter
Sex: M
Nationality: UK
Consulting time: May. 15th, 2016
Main symptoms: Bothered by chronic prostatitis for over 4 years, accompanied with asthenozoospermia. A frequent need to urinate, painful and burning urination. Pain in pelvis and genital areas.  
Previous Tests/Diagnosis: Chronic prostatitis with asthenozoospermia.  
Management: 5 courses of traditional Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.    
Dietary requirement: No alcohol, milk, fish, sea foods, beef, chicken, onions, spicy foods. 
After one and a half months, “The frequent urinate reduced from 8 to 10 times a night to 5 to 7 times, my sleep quality is improved a little.” The pain in pelvic and genital areas still remained the same, so he continued taking this medicine. 
After two months’ pills, Mr. Carter felt the pain and burning sensation during urination was alleviated , he just had little difficulty in urinating. The urination was not so urgent.  
After four months’ pills, the pain in pelvis and genital areas was almost gone. “I feel better these days, it’s really amazing. I’ll take one more month medication and hope it can cure all my symptoms.”  
After the fifth months medication, the pain disappeared completely, and the urinary disorders no longer existed. Mr. Carter went to a doctor and have a test of his sperm, the result shower that every thing went well there, the sperm quality and quantity turn to normal. His asthenozoospermia and chronic prostatitis were cured completely.