Improper Use of Drugs in Men Can Lead to Necrospermia

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Recently, a French "Correct Medication" group issued a statement that more than 10000 people die every year due to taking the wrong medicine, more than 50% of which could have been avoided. The reasons for this tragedy are the wrong dosage, the wrong way of taking medicine, the non-compliance with the doctor's orders, the conflict of various drugs, and so on.

According to a survey, only 30% of the consumers who buy drugs at drugstores have the correct knowledge of over-the-counter drug use. Many drugs can't be eaten at will, which may lead to sperm death, leading to necrospermia and affect eugenics. Men should be very careful when taking these drugs.
Antituberculosis drugs
TB patients should take antituberculosis drugs for a long time, but the long-term use of antituberculosis drugs for men is not good for eugenics. In addition, antibiotics such as nitrofuran can kill male sperm and cannot be abused.
If spironolactone has an anti-androgen effect, long-term use will damage sperm. In addition, dihydrogram urinary plug will reduce sexual function; furosemide will have erectile dysfunction.
Antihypertensive drugs
Reserpine can cause low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction in men.
Hormone drugs

For example, androgen and clomiphene are used to treat endocrine diseases, but improper use will inhibit sperm development. The use of estrogen and progesterone in men can reduce sexual pleasure, reduce or disappear sexual desire, and affect the function. Prednisone, dexamethasone, and other glucocorticoids, long-term use will reduce male sexual function.
Anticancer drugs
It can interfere with sperm DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) synthesis, resulting in sperm gene variation, sperm deformity, wife teratogenesis, abortion, etc.
Cardiovascular drugs
Drugs like Methyldopa, hydrabendazine, and meglumine, clonidine in the treatment of hypertension, digitalis, and digoxin, the cardiotonic drugs, will lead to the decline of male sexual function. Propranolol, which is used to treat arrhythmia, is easy to produce side effects such as decreased sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.
Other antipsychotic drugs
Diazepam, lumina, phenobarbital sodium, and other drugs can make male patients with decreased libido, loss of orgasm, unable to erect. Cimetidine in the treatment of duodenal ulcers can reduce the number of sperm in men and lead to infertility; long-term use of antiepileptic drugs is harmful to fertility. Colchicine, which is used to treat gout, can reduce sperm. And Tripterygium wilfordii can kill sperm and reduce sexual function.

As long as the patients with spermatorrhea go to a professional hospital in time for the corresponding examination and actively cooperate with the treatment, necrospermia can be cured. Clinically, there are several ways to treat necrospermia:
1. Drug treatment
There are two kinds of drugs used in the clinic: Traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Antibiotics are the most used mainly in the treatment of semen abnormality caused by chronic bacterial prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis. This kind of medicine has a certain effect on the treatment of this disease, but the side effects are also relatively great.
However, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, such as the common Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it can comprehensively enhance the immunity of patients, effectively resist bacteria and eliminate inflammation, so as to achieve the purpose of treating necrospermia without producing any side effects.

2. Physical therapy
The physical therapy for spermatorrhea mainly includes electromagnetic waves, electrothermal waves, infrared therapeutic instruments, etc. according to different conditions, different ways of local treatment are selected. The combination of medicine and physical therapy can make medicine absorb quickly and break through the barrier of medicine. Therefore, this treatment method is also more versatile in clinical.
3. Interventional minimally invasive treatment
For some diseases, such as severe vas deferens and genital malformations, minimally invasive surgery can achieve the purpose of effective treatment.
4. Psychotherapy
Take a number of adjuvant treatment, provide professional guidance for the patients' thoughts, psychology, diet, pregnancy opportunity, etc., and conduct thorough psychological communication with the patients by experienced senior experts, so as to achieve the purpose of physical and mental CO treatment.
Men should use drugs carefully, consult doctors, or take drugs that have no effect on eugenics, use drugs according to doctors' instructions, and never abuse them without permission.

If you want to improve the quality of sperm, you should not only focus on medical treatment but also pay attention to life therapy. Exercise can improve the physical quality and sperm quality of men, and the condition of spermatorrhea will be relieved. Many foods also have the effect of adjuvant treatment for necrospermia, such as animal testicles containing androgen, purslane, celery, and other foods containing green pigment.

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