Five Types of Foods Are Affecting Your Sperm

Date:2019-09-19 click:0
Nowadays, with the improvement of life standard, people's daily diet has changed a lot. There are more and more unreasonable dietary habits. Of course, some delicious food is really popular among people, but it will also damage your health, especially meat, such as sausages, hot dogs, bacon and so on. Nevertheless, the content of hormones and pigments in these meat products is high, which is harmful to male reproductive health. And the following are five types of food that men should avoid as far as possible.

1. Processed meat products: 
A Harvard University study found that men who ate processed meat products, such as sausages, bacon, and roast sausages, had 23% fewer normal sperm than those who hardly ate such foods. Researchers pointed out that processed meat products had higher levels of hormones and pigments.
Substitutes: Use fresh beef or seafood instead.
2. Full-fat milk:
A study shows that adult men consume whole-fat dairy products such as cheese or milk every day, and the number of sperm decreases. Adolescent men should drink whole milk, but adult men may have sperm problems if they eat whole milk, scientists say.
Substitutes: low-fat milk.
3. Sweet drinks: 
Studies have found that long-term drinking of sugary drinks can lead to decreased sperm motility. Scientists say sugary drinks increase the risk of insulin resistance, resulting in increased oxidative stress, which can harm sperm and even lead to asthenospermia

Interestingly, the association was more pronounced in thin men. Sperm quality will directly affect fertility, so timely treatment is needed. Patients can be effectively treated by herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve sperm activity.
Substitutes: Fresh juice, green tea, and fruit is the best alternative.
4. Non-organic fruits and vegetables: 
Compared with men who eat organic fruits and vegetables, men who eat non-organic fruits and vegetables have the lower reproductive capacity, mainly due to pesticide residues.
Substitutes: Eat as much green organic food as possible, rinse and peel the fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
5. Celery and soybean products: 

American research found that after eating a certain amount of celery for many days, the sperm volume of young and middle-aged men decreased, and gradually returned to normal four months after stopping eating celery. In addition, daily consumption of soybean products can reduce the number of sperm in men.
Substitutes: Spinach, garlic.