A List of Bad Affects for Men Who Love Eating Junk Food

Date:2019-09-16 click:0
Many young men like junk food like fried chicken, hamburgers, and pizza. They think they are young, and junk food can be quickly metabolized. However, the study found that eating junk food before the age of 20 can cause irreversible, permanent damage to reproductive capacity. Compared with eating healthy foods, eating pizza, sugary drinks, potato chips, and hamburgers will lead to a serious low sperm count.

University researchers surveyed 188 men aged 18-22 and found that those who regularly consumed trans fatty acids had a higher risk of infertility. Before participating in the study, these men had no other health problems affecting sperm quality. Their diets were divided into two categories: Western-style diets rich in red meat, refined carbohydrates, sweets and energy drinks; and healthy diets rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
Researchers have found that healthy dieters have stronger sperm motility, while men who eat poorly are less likely to survive fertilization of their eggs and are more likely to have necrospermia, but patients can improve sperm quality fundamentally by taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. A healthy diet seems to be beneficial to semen quality and improve sperm motility, which means that more sperm with stronger motility are moving around rather than staying still.
Studies have shown that diets with high levels of trans fatty acids can lead to lower sperm concentration and increased levels of trans fatty acids found in sperm and semen. In addition, the study found that men who ate junk food had low levels of Sertoli cells. Sertoli cells are cells in the testis that are involved in the production of healthy sperm. Eating junk food can cause oxidative damage to these cells, which is irreversible in the future.

Gaskins emphasized that despite the above results, more scientific research is needed to study the exact relationship between nutrition and infertility. Edward King, president of the American Association of Male Reproduction and Urology, said: "We are still studying the impact of nutrition on male fertility, but even initial studies have shown a positive relationship between better diet and male reproductive health."