Why Are Men Who Often Drive Cars Prone to Azoospermia?

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Men who have been engaged in the driving industry for a long time need to pay attention to their potential to suffer from azoospermia. Because according to relevant information, drivers ranked first among the occupations with the greatest impact on male fertility in the world, announced to the WHO survey.


Why are drivers Who often drive prone to azoospermia?

First, if you sit in the driver's seat for a long time, the testicular temperature will rise, mainly because it is impermeable, and this sitting posture will block the scrotal vein reflux and increase the local temperature. The temperature is high, and it is easy to kill sperm, which affects the quality of sperm.

Second, maintain a sitting position for a long time. The testicles, epididymis, and spermatic cord are squeezed long, blocking local blood circulation. The soft seat cushion wraps the male driver's external genitals. The scrotum is prone to blood circulation disorders, and it is easy to accumulate metabolic waste. When the venous reflux is not smooth, the blood vessels near the testicles are blocked, which can lead to varicocele for a long time. In severe cases, there may be symptoms such as testicular fall, heavyweight, dull pain in the lower abdomen, etc., which directly affects the normal reproductive function of men.

Third, long-term inhalation of volatiles such as formaldehyde in the car will affect the production of sperm and even lead to testicular atrophy.

Fourth, methyl tert-butyl ether in gasoline additives, commonly known as MTBE, will increase the probability of sperm deformity. MTBE is a common additive used to improve the explosive resistance of gasoline.

Fifth, driving for a long time means long-term contact with car exhaust. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas are the causes of male diseases.

From a clinical point of view, these five causes will cause azoospermia and oligospermia. In short, the quality and quantity of male sperm will be significantly reduced.

How can an experienced driver avoid his azoospermia?

When men usually drive, they must take good care of their testicles and reduce the incidence of azoospermia. In particular, male drivers who do not have children should pay more attention to protecting their reproductive organs and preventing the local temperature from rising. Specific measures are as follows:

First, when driving in a hot climate, you should pay attention to turning on the air conditioner to prevent the temperature in the car from being too high. If no air conditioner is installed, you should pay attention to ventilation and cooling.

Second, when choosing a seat, it is recommended that the driver should not choose a pure cotton seat but a cushion made of bamboo products, pay attention to local ventilation, and avoid using sofa sponge cushions;

Third, pay attention to activities. The increase in local temperature around the genitals is related to the compression of the scrotum by the upper body for too long and the obstruction of blood circulation. Therefore, the driver should only drive for a short time. Generally, he should get off the car for 10-20 minutes within two hours, which can restore physical strength and be beneficial.

For most men who still have fertility needs, if they are troubled by azoospermia for a long time, the damage to their health is relatively large. It is recommended to improve their vigilance appropriately to avoid infertility. If the diagnosis is azoospermia, you should follow the doctor's advice to receive the relevant examination, find out the specific cause, and receive appropriate treatment under the doctor's guidance to avoid aggravating clinical symptoms.

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