Can Acute Epididymitis Turn into Chronic?

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The onset of acute epididymitis is more acute. It is mainly manifested as scrotal swelling, pain, and radiation to the groin, pain in the lower abdomen, and accompanied by high fever, causing dysuria, frequent urination, and urgency. If there is no active and effective treatment in time, the infection will become more and more serious, and the abscess will rupture and become chronic epididymitis. It leads to the destruction of the epididymis and testis, which affects the function of the epididymis, thereby affecting the reproductive function.

Patients with acute epididymitis must pay attention to it and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Patients can carry out related examinations and treatment in the urology department. For acute epididymitis, oral compound sulfamethoxazole, tetracycline, and other drugs are usually used to kill bacteria or pathogens and eliminate the infection. If necessary, he was hospitalized with intravenous antibiotics to avoid the transformation into chronic epididymal inflammation.
Most patients with chronic epididymitis become chronic because the acute phase cannot be completely cured. However, most patients have no obvious acute symptoms. Patients often feel a dull pain in the scrotum on the affected side, with a feeling of swelling and heaviness. The pain often involves the lower abdomen and the groin on the same side; sometimes, the secondary hydrocele may be combined.
During the physical examination, the epididymis will be enlarged and hardened to varying degrees, mild tenderness, and the ipsilateral vas deferens will be enlarged. This disease is relatively harmful to patients. It will not only affect the patient's physical function but also cause the patient to have anxiety. In severe cases, it will affect the patient's fertility problems.
Not everyone may suffer from chronic epididymitis due to acute epididymitis. As long as they suffer from acute epididymitis and take proper care and timely treatment, chronic epididymitis will be prevented. If you do not take appropriate care when suffering from acute epididymitis disease, chronic epididymitis will soon be induced, so patients with acute epididymitis disease must be treated in time so as to prevent chronic epididymitis.
How to care for epididymitis?
1. The patient needs to keep the body effectively rested to reduce the burden on the epididymal tissue. They should avoid staying up late for a long time, combine work and rest, and establish a stable living state.
2. Patients need to improve their dietary structure to prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. They must avoid eating spicy and stimulating food; smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited. The diet is mainly light, which will help the recovery of the disease.
3. They need to maintain a good mood, not be overworked, and participate in physical exercise appropriately to enhance their physique and improve the body's resistance.
The above conditioning methods can relieve the symptoms of epididymitis to a certain extent. However, a drug intervention is still required to cure the disease fundamentally, and surgery is required if necessary. As for the specific treatment method, due to the different individual circumstances, the treatment methods selected are also different. 
It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for special examinations. Epididymitis and other reproductive infectious diseases are mild in the early stage, and there is no drug resistance. The treatment effect is the best, so patients should be treated as soon as possible, and the first standardized treatment can also reduce the chance of recurrence.
When acute epididymitis turns into chronic epididymitis, the treatment will be more difficult, and the treatment time will be longer. Chronic epididymitis has a deeper root and is more likely to spread to other organs. Chronic epididymitis is relatively common, and antibiotic treatment is not particularly effective.
Patients who choose traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat chronic epididymitis can receive obvious therapeutic effects. Also, in the treatment of chronic epididymitis. In addition to drug treatment, the use of physical therapy to help the recovery, such as hot sitz baths, hot compresses, etc., so that the inflammation subsides as soon as possible.
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