How to cure epididymitis with non-surgical treatment?

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Epididymitis is inflammation on epididymis. This condition can be acquired by man easily when there are other reproductive diseases or men are on weak immunity.


Once affected this condition, epididymitis victims can experience symptoms like testicle pain and tenderness, painful urination or intercourse or ejaculation. What’s more, when this condition gets worse, men also can gain a sperm quality problem. Therefore how to cure the epididymitis becomes important. However, since the high rate of postoperative infection, non-surgical treatment is better. Therefore, I love to recommend you some non-surgical treatment on epididymitis for you guys.
1.Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
This herbal pill which is developed by Dr. Lee, who is an export from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, is a patented herbal pill approved by SIPO in 2011. This herbal pill is an integrated herbal pill. Thus it has many amazing functions and can also eliminate the epididymitis for men within a short time. This herbal pill can clear away heat, eliminate toxic materials, promote blood circulation, improve Qi, dissolve stasis and dissipate dampness. Generally speaking, because of the existence of these fabulous functions, epididymitis can be cured with three-month treatment. Since all ingredients of this herbal pill are from nature, it has no drug resistance and also is very safe to take.
Antibiotic therapy is one of the most common treatments for epididymitis. What’s more, it also is an effective non-surgical treatment. In general, sufferers with this condition but have never taken the antibiotics before can be cured by antibiotics within weeks. However, since the antibiotics has so many side effects like allergic reaction, drug resistance and damages on organs, antibiotics only suit for patients who have never taken antibiotics before and with healthy organs like liver and kidney.
3.physical therapy
Physical therapy is also a good treatment that has no postoperative infection. There are so many methods that men can choose, Such as fomentation, sitz bath or massage. However, before trying these methods, there are some precautions that men should pay attention to. Sitz bath is more suitable for men who are out of reproductive age. Massage is more suitable for patients who are in chronic period.