Symptoms and Treatment for Epididymitis

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What kind of symptoms would epididymitis have? And then, what kind of treatments would we take for it?


Usually, the diseases of epididymitis are divided into acute one and chronic one. The symptoms of the former include unexpected pain of scrotum, swelling of scrotum, especially of the scrotum that is on the very side of the epididymis that has been inflamed and of which the swelling is palpable, and that the inflamed epididymis becomes larger, swollen and hard by which in some part of it abscess might be induced which would cause sinus tract in the skin surface of the scrotum when the abscess is ruptured. When epididymitis breaks out, the patients would feel pain of inguinal groove, low back pain and sharp pain in the very side of inflamed epididymis, accompanied with high fever and chilling as well as felling sick and vomiting, and might be complicated by symptoms of Urethritis.


The symptoms of chronic epididymitis, which usually are with no obvious external manifestations, thus, are very different with that of acute one. However, if touching the region of the scrotum of the patients, it would find out that there are tumors in the inner of it, and that the epididymis becomes thicker and larger, and what is more, some patients might feel tenderness. According to the internal structure and tissues of human body, chronic epididymitis would induce fibrosis of epididymis and make the whole of that hardening, and might further lead to blockage of the duct of epididymis, infiltration of tissues by lymph-cells and plasma-cells and sometimes enlargement of the diameter of seminal duct thereof. In addition, epididymitis might be incorporated with prostatitis and then induce fibrosis and hardening (calcification) of prostate. For the epididymis is where the sperms become mature, chronic epididymitis would cause sperm abnormality and aspermia, and if the both sides of epididymis are infected, male infertility.


Because usually epididymitis is induced by infection of bacteria, to cure chronic epididymitis, it must use germicidal medicines. Although antibiotics have some certain curative effects for that, the effects nevertheless would not be much good due to the possibility of fibrosis and hardening of epididymis in terms of the symptoms of acute or chronic epididymitis, especially of the latter, as mentioned above. Moreover, if taking antibiotics for a long term, it would produce drug resistance and consequently make it ineffective for epididymitis. Thus, to cure acute or chronic epididymitis, it is suggested to take some certain kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that have wonderful effects of sterilization and anti-inflammation, promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification and anti-hyperplasia. By this way could it achieve a dramatic curative effect for chronic epididymitis.