Chronic Epididymitis is curable, if you choose the right treatment method

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Nowadays, a larger number of patients consult the efficacy of antibiotic therapy on chronic epididymitis. As is known to all, the widely use of antibiotic therapy makes it one of the frequently used epididymitis treatment. However, the efficacy of antibiotics for epididymitis, most of the time, isn’t as good as what they described.

chronic epididymitis

Though antibiotics is one of the most commonly for chronic epididymitis treatment, drug resistance of antibiotic therapy makes it unsuitable for a long time taking, because the efficacy of antibiotics can get weaker and weaker as time goes by. What’s more, since the treating course of chronic epididymitis is longer than acute epididymitis, the damages on liver and kidneys also can get severer. Therefore, lots of epididymitis victims are attacked by this condition again and again. Therefore, based on the characteristics of antibiotic therapy, it is more suitable for acute epididymitis patients or those who have never taken it before.
Because of the treatment for chronic epididymitis is longer than 3 months, It’s safer for patients to take treatment which have no drug resistance and damages to liver and kidney.
As we know that the common cause of chronic epididymitis is pathogenic bacteria, to cure chronic epididymitis symptoms and infection completely, it’s essential to cure it from its cause. A herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, as an alternative treatment, can be used for epididymitis cure, and it has proven to be efficient on curing this infection. This herbal medicine contains herbs like honeysuckle, scutellaria baicalensis, houttuynia cordata which can provide good effect on clearing away heat and toxins to kill the pathogenic bacteria. Pain in testicle is one of the common symptoms of epididymitis, the pill can eliminate the pain by promoting the blood and qi circulation. In addition, It also has properties of dissolving stasis,  softening hardness and draining dampness. Moreover, by taking this medicine, the immunity and self-healing ability can be improved as well.
Compared with antibiotics, this herbal pill has no drug resistance and also won’t bring any damage to liver and kidneys, thus, it’s suitable to be used for treatment of chronic epididymitis  and patients who have resistance to antibiotics. What’s more, the multiple functions this herbal pill has also made it convenient to take, because patients do not need to take too many different tablets every day.
All in all, there is no doubt that chronic epididymitis is curable. And the secret is choosing a right treatment. During the treating course, patients can also take epididymitis home treatments to hasten the recovery, such as lie down to make the scrotum elevated, apply cold packs to your scrotum, wear an athletic supporter, etc.