Surgical treatment of chronic epididymitis is not suitable for fertility requirements patients

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The etiology of chronic epididymitis is related to impurity sex, reproductive tract infections, long-term catheter lag, frequent urinary tract infections, etc. And if acute epididymitis is left untreated, with long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation, the epididymis mucosal will be sustained congestion and edema. Under this circumstance, epididymis mucosal can easily appear as an epididymal obstruction and necrosis. 


For this reason, when patients are in the acute exacerbation of chronic epididymitis, they can adopt surgery treatment for this condition. But one thing should be noted that surgical treatment of chronic epididymitis is not suitable for patients with fertility requirements. 


Why is the surgical treatment of chronic epididymitis not suitable for patients with fertility requirements?


This is because the surgical treatment of chronic epididymitis mainly processes under anesthesia, and implementation is epidural anesthesia. By making a vertical incision in the patient's scrotum, the incision length should not be too long and keep in about 1cm. Meanwhile, the operation should be cut layer by layer to expose the spermatic cord, testis, and epididymis lesions. 

When doctors remove the epididymis lesions or the entire epididymis, they need to process decompression in the lower sheath of the spermatic cord. The testicular hydrocele and skin sutures, 48 hours after surgery, also need to pull out the drainage tube.


Because there are incisions during surgery, and the spermatic cord, epididymis, and testis are exposed during the surgery. Besides, during the excision of the lesions, it may cause varicose spermatic meridians problems or even concurrent hydrocele, etc. 

So for patients with fertility requirements, surgical treatment is not recommended. If fertility patients have apparent pain after the surgery but they have a strong demand for fertility in the short term, they can take a conservative herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat this condition. 


What are the advantages of surgical treatment of chronic epididymitis?


The surgical treatment is mainly to remove the lesions of the epididymis to relieve pain, swelling, and other symptoms of the patients quickly. To relieve symptoms and remove the lesion, it also needs to recover the blood and oxygen supply of the testis and epididymis to avoid epididymal obstruction and necrosis of the epididymis.


The surgical treatment is suitable for patients with no fertility requirements and whose pain was not relieved with medication for many years. If patients need surgery to drain the abscess to promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, postoperative positive anti-inflammation is necessary. 

If the antiphlogistics have not been done after the surgery, inflammation is likely to counterattack, causing the reinfection of epididymitis. For example, they can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a recovery.

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