Confirm Chronic Epididymitis But Normal Color Doppler Ultrasound, Is it Possible?

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In clinical practice, many men were diagnosed with chronic epididymitis by doctors. When they looked at their color ultrasound examination report, they found that the report showed no abnormality. Therefore, they would be confused about why they had been diagnosed with chronic epididymitis, but the color ultrasound report was normal. In response to this question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Why is color Doppler ultrasound normal when diagnosed as chronic epididymitis? The following three reasons generally cause it:
First, the doctor's diagnosis was wrong. Suppose the patient only shows testicular pain, and the urine routine, blood routine, and prostate fluid tests show no abnormality. In that case, it is likely to be testicular pain syndrome, not chronic epididymitis. Because the specific cause of testicular pain syndrome is not clear, and there may be no organic lesions displayed, the patient can be displayed as normal during color ultrasound examination;
Second, the patient has a short course of the disease and a mild condition, which cannot be detected by color Doppler ultrasound. If the patient suffering from chronic epididymitis has a short period of disease and a mild illness with a slight inflammatory infection, it may not be detected during the color ultrasound examination. At this time, the color ultrasound examination is mainly to eliminate the possibility of other diseases;
The third is that the patient is not in the acute attack period of chronic epididymitis when performing a color ultrasound examination. Under normal circumstances, the report will be abnormal only when the patient has a color ultrasound examination during the acute attack of chronic epididymitis. The color ultrasound examination at the chronic stage can also show that it is normal. When chronic epididymitis has an acute attack, it can be demonstrated on color ultrasound that the echo of the epididymis is uneven, and the blood flow signal increases. Chronic epididymitis must also be diagnosed with a blood routine, urine routine, and physical examination.
As one of the examination methods for chronic epididymitis, some chronic epididymitis can be detected by color ultrasound, but some may not be detected by color ultrasound.
1. Color ultrasound can check chronic epididymitis: the patient may have uneven density or abnormal blood flow in the epididymis parenchyma after the disease. At this time, through the echolocation of color ultrasound, if the echo in the epididymis is uneven or the blood flow is accelerated, it can be determined that the patient has chronic epididymitis;
2. Color ultrasound can not check chronic epididymitis: if the patient's epididymis volume has no noticeable change and there is no uneven density in the epididymis parenchyma, color Doppler ultrasound may not be able to find abnormalities. If this is the case, there may be missed diagnosis if the diagnosis is made solely by color Doppler ultrasound. It is suggested that such patients make a comprehensive judgment based on clinical medical history, symptoms, and other information. For example, general epididymitis may have symptoms such as scrotal swelling and pain on the affected side.
To sum up, if the patient diagnosed with chronic epididymitis is normal in the color Doppler ultrasound report, then either the doctor's diagnosis is wrong, his condition is relatively mild, or he is in the chronic stage. However, no matter the cause, the patient can take medication under the doctor's guidance and pay attention to observation. Don't be self-righteous and give up treatment.
Patients can take levofloxacin, clarithromycin, and other antibiotic drugs to treat chronic epididymitis. They can also choose the safe and effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms and causes and cure the disease. At the same time, pay attention to more rest and avoid drinking, which is helpful for recovery.
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