Are Your Testicles Healthy? Teach You 3 Self-checking Methods

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The testis is an essential male reproductive organ, one on the left and one on the right. Its primary function is to secrete male hormones, produce sperm, and reproduce the next generation; It plays a vital role for men. Once the testicles secrete poor testosterone or the testicles are damaged, the hormone level in the body will drop, which will cause a series of pathological changes in patients, such as orchitis, thus affecting fertility.

So, daily, if a male thinks his testicle has problems, he can check it properly to find the disease and treat it as early as possible.
How should men self-check the testicle? Teach you three ways
1. Check the size
After each bath, men can take a natural standing posture and then hold up the scrotum to check whether its skin is smooth, whether there are hard lumps inside, whether the size of both sides is the same, and whether the height is consistent.
2. Whether there is pain
Under normal circumstances, men's testicles will not feel pain unless they encounter a strong impact. However, if you suddenly feel the pain of testicular pressing in a short time, you need to suspect it is orchitis; If there is no tenderness in the short term, but there is apparent enlargement, testicular cancer should be considered.
3. Observation of different postures
If a man stands for a long time, his testicles will feel painful, but when he lies still, this feeling will gradually reduce; It may be varicocele.
If a man finds his body abnormal during self-inspection, he must go to a doctor. If the diagnosis is orchitis or epididymitis, seek herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms and cure the disease. 
These behaviors can damage a man's testicles:
Wear tight clothes and trousers. Tight dresses and trousers have poor heat dissipation. Male friends often wear tight clothes and trousers, leading to poor local blood circulation, thus leading to increased scrotum temperature and affecting spermatogenesis.
Smoking and drinking. Cigarettes and alcohol have spermicidal effects on men.
High-temperature environment. The temperature of 37 ℃ is suitable for testis. If the temperature rises, the vitality of sperm will decrease.
Sit for a long time. Long-term sitting will lead to local congestion of the male prostate and blood circulation disorders, which will lead to problems in sperm production.
Therefore, men need to do the following in their daily life:
1. Spiritual conditioning. Men work under tremendous pressure in their daily work, often because they are overworked, resulting in excessive fatigue. At this time, you should reduce your workload, decrease work pressure, and keep your mood comfortable. You can do some aerobic exercises to strengthen your body. Do not sit for a long time, hold your urine for a long time, and keep your daily life regular.
2. Pay attention to regular maintenance. Men should not ignore some minor details. Men should also take good care of their bodies. Massage your testicles and other body organs properly before going to bed or taking a bath. If you feel pain during the massage, you should visit a regular andrological hospital for examination and treatment.
3. Avoid dirty sex. Men should avoid unclean sexual intercourse and pay attention to the frequency of sexual intercourse. If men have messy sexual intercourse, they may bring some viruses and bacteria into the male reproductive system, causing inflammation of the male testes, which will endanger their health.
4. Keep good living habits. In daily life, males should try their best not to be picky about food, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, avoid smoking, drinking, sitting, excessive masturbation and other bad habits, eat more fruits and vegetables, and increase their vitamin intake. Do more aerobic exercise after work to improve their body's resistance, which is crucial for disease prevention.
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