Testicles Hurt with Pinching after Epididymitis is Cured; Why?

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Epididymitis is a harmful disease to male health. If a man who has not yet had children has epididymitis, it is easy to affect his reproductive function in the future. And chronic epididymitis can also lead to urethritis, prostatitis, and a series of other male diseases. So after being infected with epididymitis, men had better seek timely treatment to reduce the harm to the body to the least. 

Some men with epididymitis have experienced pinching pain in the epididymis after the disease is cured. So they are curious about the question: why is it possible that there is a sense of pinching pain after the treatment of epididymitis?
The main clinical symptoms of epididymitis are mainly manifested as the enlargement of the epididymis and are accompanied by pain. Patients in the acute stage even show fever and other symptoms. Chronic epididymitis patients usually present a lump in the epididymis and are accompanied by chronic pain. This disease is mainly caused when the epididymis is infected by microorganisms or due to other reasons caused by nonbacteria inflammation. So testicular pain is a prominent symptom of epididymitis.
First of all, for patients with epididymitis, after they have just been cured of the disease, if they pinch the testicles, there will be testicular pain. Although epididymitis has been cured, it does not mean that all the inflammatory bacteria in it have been eliminated. Some bacteria may remain in the epididymis, which needs a certain time to ablate slowly. At this time, if patients pinch the testicles, it will undoubtedly make the testicles painful.
Secondly, even if the epididymitis is fully recovered, or for a man who has never had the epididymitis, the pain symptom when pinching with too much force will be shown. This is a normal phenomenon. Because the testicles are fragile, and the testicular nerve is sensitive. If the testicles are in contact with the external pressure, there will be a certain sense of pain. So, whether a man gets epididymitis or not, nothing is better than pinching the testicles.
Finally, although the temporary treatment of epididymitis is over and the patient has recovered, there is a possibility of recurrence. Therefore, it is necessary to review the disease in time for patients with epididymitis. Therefore, when epididymitis recurs, they can find the condition early and retake effective treatment measures. In daily life, men should pay attention to strengthening the protection of their testicles and not let external collisions hurt their testicles. They should maintain a reasonable amount of sex and avoid increasing the burden on the testicles. All these behaviors can reduce the recurrence rate of epididymitis.
For the pain of pinching testicles, patients need to identify the cause's cause through a professional examination. Because inflammation is an essential cause of epididymitis, men with epididymitis should choose the proper medication for the treatment. Patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which mainly promotes blood circulation, remove blood stasis, move Qi, and relieve pain. So it has a good effect on treating prostatitis, epididymitis, and other urinary system diseases.
After getting epididymitis, men must strengthen the protection of the testicles and epididymis. In addition to the points mentioned above, epididymitis patients should also avoid spicy and stimulating foods in daily life, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and eat less barbecue and other foods. At the same time, men should keep moderate exercise to enhance the body's immunity, reducing the chance of epididymitis recurrence.
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