One Testicle Bigger Than the Other: What Does It Mean

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The testicles are an essential part of the male reproductive organ, which is capable of producing sperm. The testicles are oval in shape, located in the scrotum, and are also known as the testis or spermaries. Most men have two testicles, and very few have one. Some people have one big testicle and one small testicle. 

Why do the testicles of man are different in size? Is it normal? Does this have any effect on the male body?
First, there are some reasons for the different sizes of testicles. The reasons usually include the following aspects:
1. Congenital development
Some people are born with one big testicle and one small testicle. The main reason is that the fetus is not fully developed in the womb, so the testicles appear different in size.
2. Hydrocele
When a man has a hydrocele on one side of the testicle, it builds up over time so that the affected side will get bigger and bigger than the other unaffected size.
3. Chronic epididymitis
The testicles tend to grow larger and smaller over time for people with chronic epididymitis. This is because there is an inflammatory substance in the affected testicle, which tends to appear larger. And if the patients do not get treatment for a long time, the difference in testicle size will become more apparent.
4. Testicular trauma
If there is trauma on one side of the testicle, then the trauma side will have a hematoma. But when one side of the testicle gets swollen, and the other doesn't change, it's a big one and a small one. Besides, the trauma may cause a lack of blood supply to the affected testicle, making the two testicles differ in size.
5. Orchitis
When the testes become inflamed, they may atrophy. If one testicle shrinks, it looks smaller, and the other is naturally larger.
If a man is born with one small testicle and one big testicle, it doesn't have much impact on his health. If the different testicles are caused by inflammation, the impact on the body is relatively large. The patient will feel pain and swelling, and it can affect the patient's sex life.
To treat this problem, men need to identify the cause. The first thing men should do is to know whether the differently-sized testicles have been around since childhood or are emerging recently. If a man grows up with one big testicle and one small testicle, he may have different sizes on both sides, which is normal for him. Or he may have one normal testicle and one testicle dysplasia. If the reason is physical, no special treatment is needed. If the cause is related to the disease, symptomatic treatment is necessary. 
For inflammation causing the different sizes of a man's testicles, the man must take an anti-inflammatory treatment. They can take oral antibiotics. For example, levofloxacin or roxithromycin both work well. They can also take the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively treat male urogenital diseases, such as epididymitis, prostatitis, etc. The pill can reduce swelling and relieve pain, lessening patient discomfort. Patients can choose infusion in the hospital for treatment if it is due to fluid accumulation.
So men should observe their physical health in daily life. When there is a difference in the size of two testicles, it is best to go to the hospital for further examination. This can eliminate unnecessary worry and give a timely treatment of the disease.
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