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Your Testicle Size Says a Lot about Your Sexual Health

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Male sexual ability is affected by the level of sex hormones. Still, it is not that the larger the testis, the more male hormones it secretes, and the stronger the sexual ability because the size of the testis and the level of male hormones are not proportional.

If the male testis is in the normal range, i.e., 12-20ml, the size has no relationship with sexual function, and there is usually no difference in sexual function. However, if the testis is too small, the small testicles may affect the testicular function and cause differences in sexual function. The testes' basic functions include spermatogenesis and male hormone production.
Usually, testicular volume decreases, the effect on fertility is more apparent, and the impact on androgens is relatively insignificant. Therefore, if it is a patient with small testicles, that is, the testis volume is too small, such as about 2ml, it may affect the secretion of androgen, resulting in decreased androgen, affecting sexual function. It is necessary to go to the hospital in time to let the doctor evaluate the situation of androgen and sexual function.
People cannot simply use the size of the testicles to evaluate their sexual ability. Male sexual function is also related to age, physique, health, and mental state. Psychological pressure, over time, will make men lose self-confidence, thus affecting the quality of life of couples.
The testicles produce sperm for men and provide male hormones so that men can become real men, but once the testicles "get sick," the consequences will be severe.
If the testicles shrink due to disease or become swollen due to infection, inflammation, or tumor, it will affect the secretion of male hormones, thereby affecting male sexual function. Trauma can cause testicular hemorrhage and hematoma, cause testicular hemorrhage disorder, and affect testicular spermatogenesis and androgen secretion.
If there is a disease in the male body that affects the level of testicular hormone secretion, even if the testis is normal in size, sexual dysfunction may occur. Conditions that affect the level of testicular hormone secretion include orchitis, varicocele, or testicular cancer.
1. Orchitis: Due to bad hygiene habits, bacteria invade the testicles, which can cause orchitis. Under the stimulation of inflammatory factors, it can lead to testicular congestion and swelling, affecting normal physiological functions and the secretion of sex hormones, thereby Influencing function. Men with orchitis can use a towel to warm the testicles, promote blood circulation, and help the inflammation subside. They can also take traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
2. Varicocele: due to the hypoplasia of the internal spermatic vein valve, it will lead to varicocele in men, symptoms of testicular dysplasia, and damage to the normal physiological function of the testicles of men, affect hormone levels, and thus weaken sexual function. Patients can use drugs to relieve the effect of varicocele. If the drugs cannot achieve the therapeutic effect, they can be treated by surgery.
2. Testicular cancer: When men have testicular cancer, the rapid growth of cancer cells will destroy the hormone levels in the body, resulting in lower levels of hormones secreted by the testes, thereby affecting sexual function. Men diagnosed with testicular malignancies should first undergo orchiectomy, followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
In addition, it is normal for the testes to vary in size. The two testicles of men are original of different sizes. Generally, the left side is smaller, the right side is more significant, and the left side is slightly lower. The difference between the two is no more than 20%. If it exceeds this range, the patient should actively go to the hospital for treatment.
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