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Preparing For Pregnancy: Pay Attention To Male Issues

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Currently, the most active people preparing for pregnancy belong to the female population. However, in childbirth, both men and women are indispensable. A survey shows that most fertility of men is on a downward trend. Among the factors that lead to couple infertility, male infertility factors Account for 40%-50%.

Therefore, if you want to have a baby, men should also pay attention to preparing for pregnancy!
Male infertility may be related to these diseases.
1. Varicocele
The spermatic cord is a structural tissue located at the upper end of the testis. When varicocele occurs, it will cause a lack of blood to return to the testis, increasing temperature, which will affect sperm formation and cause male infertility. In severe cases, it will lead to the diseased testis and shrinking of the testis.
Varicocele is one of the most common causes of male infertility. Men sitting or standing for a long time and wearing tight pants may cause varicocele.
2. Epididymo-orchitis
It is also one of the common diseases of the male reproductive system. When suffering from epididymitis, it is usually accompanied by urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, and other complications, and sometimes it will spread to the testis, causing orchitis.
Therefore, if there is sudden pain in or around the egg, epididymis swelling, apparent tenderness, or accompanied fever, you should be alert to epididymo-orchitis and seek medical treatment in time to avoid affecting fertility.
3. Oligospermia/Asthenozoospermia
Sperm is an indispensable part of the reproductive process. If the tadpoles have a small number, poor vitality, and many deformities, they cannot successfully combine with the eggs, which will naturally cause male infertility.
How to raise sperm?
1. Eat more high-quality protein and arginine foods
High-quality protein and arginine are the main components of tadpoles so that men can eat more:
Foods rich in protein, such as lean meat, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken and duck, eggs, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc.;
Arginine-rich foods include fish, blackfish, sea cucumber, tendons, soy products, lean meat, etc.
2. Supplement with various vitamins
Vitamins provide raw materials for sperm, promote sperm production, and keep sexual organs free from damage. Among them, vitamin E is most closely related to the reproductive system. Lack of vitamin E can lead to excessive secretion of male sex hormones.
Therefore, if the men want to have a baby, they should eat more vegetables, fruits, corn, whole wheat flour, or vitamin preparations.
3. Eat the right amount of fat
Human sex hormones are mainly converted from cholesterol to fat, containing fatty acids required for sperm production. If it is deficient, it will not only affect sperm production but may also cause a decrease in libido.
Meat, fish, and eggs contain more cholesterol, moderate intake is conducive to synthesizing sex hormones, but excessive intake will lead to obesity.
Finally, I hope everyone that once you decide to prepare for pregnancy, both men and women should carry out pre-pregnancy examinations, especially for boys. It is recommended to increase the routine semen examination and scrotal ultrasound during pre-pregnancy tests for early detection and treatment.
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