One Testicle Bigger Than the Other: Is It Epididymitis?

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The testicles of men are not the same size, and there will be certain size differences. But the difference is barely noticeable to the naked eye under normal circumstances. If the size of the testis is obvious, it is generally caused by factors such as chronic epididymitis, testicular trauma, and orchitis.

If a man suffers from chronic epididymitis, there will be a phenomenon that the testicles are larger and smaller, mainly because epididymitis will cause the epididymis on one side to suddenly enlarge. So on the surface, there will be symptoms of different sizes of the testicles. Epididymitis usually does not affect male sexual ability, but because the epididymis is affected by inflammation for a long time, it will gradually harden, resulting in painful ejaculation.
If the testicles of men are damaged, they will also have different sizes because trauma to one testicle will cause edema in the testicles, which will cause the testicles to shrink after insufficient blood supply slowly, so they look different in size. Orchitis is also the main factor for the size of the testis to become larger and smaller. If orchitis is not treated in time, there will be a phenomenon of testicular atrophy on the affected side, which will naturally form a situation of different sizes.
Some men do not have any problems with their bodies, but the testicles are also of different sizes, which is caused by dysplasia. Generally, this size difference will not be pronounced and will not affect reproductive function and sexual life.
Men should regularly check their testicles in daily life. If one of them suddenly becomes larger and there is still pain, then to rule out the possibility of orchitis or testicular damage, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
The epididymis is an important part of the male reproductive organs, the testis is where sperm is produced, and the epididymis is where the sperm is cultivated and matured. Therefore, epididymis is the only way for sperm. Once there is a problem with the epididymis, it will directly affect the production and development of sperm, and it is easy to reduce sperm motility and cause abnormal sperm development. Therefore, men must learn to self-examine their epididymis in life and timely detect symptoms and treat them in time.
So, how can patients self-examine whether they have epididymitis?
First of all, chronic epididymitis is a more common type. Some patients will eventually become chronic because acute epididymitis has not been completely cured. At this time, patients often feel dull pain in their scrotum and have a feeling of heaviness, involvement of the lower abdomen and ipsilateral groin, and sometimes a secondary hydrocele occurs.
Secondly, acute epididymitis will be caused by an external force, and the patient will feel as if his testicles have been squeezed. When walking or standing, the scrotum can be clearly felt aggravated, and the scrotum can be rapidly enlarged with evident tenderness. The patient will also have a high fever and general discomfort. Sometimes urethral discharge and symptoms such as urgency and frequency may also appear.
Therefore, when a man finds out that he may have epididymitis through those symptoms, he must go to the urology department of a regular hospital for a B-ultrasound examination of the testis, epididymis, and scrotum to make a precise diagnosis. If they suffer from epididymitis, they can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
How can men prevent epididymitis?
1. Good hygiene habits
To avoid the effects of epididymitis in men, they must develop good hygiene habits in their daily lives.
2. Reasonable diet
Men need to pay attention to a reasonable diet, drink water frequently, and keep the stool smooth, which is also one of the ways to prevent epididymitis in men.
3. Moderate sex life
Healthy and scientific sex life can also help men prevent epididymitis. Men should avoid excessive sexual activity and masturbation, which can cause epididymal congestion and edema and induce or aggravate the condition.
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