Does Ejaculation Help or Hurt Epididymitis?

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Epididymitis is more common in young and middle-aged male patients. It is often caused by urinary tract infections, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, or sexually transmitted diseases. Most infections are transmitted retrogradely from the vas deferens and enter the epididymis, and bloodstream infections are relatively rare. Common pathogens are Escherichia coli. And it may also be caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and viral infections.

Ejaculation generally does not relieve epididymitis. Epididymitis is mainly caused by the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, usually caused by pathogenic bacteria entering the epididymis through the urethra, and ejaculation cannot completely remove these pathogens.
Ejaculation will not relieve epididymitis but rather aggravate epididymitis. Especially acute epididymitis, so during the disease, we should avoid intercourse to avoid aggravating the symptoms of the disease. Because in the case of sexual excitement, the epididymis will be congested, and then edema will occur, which will easily affect the treatment of the disease.
After the epididymitis is cured, you can gradually start sexual life. The number of intercourse in the initial stage should not be too frequent. The epididymitis is easy to recur, and the bacteria in the micro-flexed epididymal canal are not easy to be eliminated. If there is too much intercourse, the bacteria will recur. But you do not have to worry about relapse and just quit. If you do not have sex for a long time, the accumulation of sperm in the epididymis and filling the epididymis will also cause congestion.
In many cases, patients with chronic epididymitis can ejaculate, and it should be noted that it should not be too frequent. Men with chronic epididymitis can have sex during treatment, but long-term abstinence is not suitable for recovery. If you can't have a normal sex life, it's okay to ejaculate once in a while. It is essential to know that male sperm is produced in the male testis, matures in the epididymis, and is finally stored in the male seminal vesicles. 
If you have epididymitis, it will directly affect the quality of male sperm. If these problematic sperm are allowed to accumulate in the body for a long time, some lesions are also prone to occur. Therefore, it is possible to ejaculate, but we must pay attention not to be too frequent. If it is too frequent, it will easily aggravate the symptoms, which is not conducive to recovery. If you have sex, you must use a condom to prevent the semen problem from entering the female vagina.
Epididymitis is a relatively common male disease. It is mainly caused by low body resistance, urine reflux, foreign body indwelling in the urethra, such as a urinary catheter, retrograde infection, and so on. Epididymitis requires systematic and standardized treatment. At the same time, we must strengthen maintenance and health care, usually avoiding spicy and stimulating food, staying up late, overworking, sitting and standing for a long time.
The treatment cycle of epididymitis should be combined with the patient's disease and the severity of symptoms. For patients with early disease and mild symptoms, conservative treatment is the primary treatment, and antibiotics are actively used. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is good antibacterial drug. It has the main functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, and swelling. And it does not develop resistance and drug resistance. 
From the perspective of clinical practice, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has an excellent therapeutic effect on epididymitis. At the same time, the doctor should instruct the patient to rest in bed, eat an appropriate diet, and elevate the scrotum.
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