Will Epididymitis Recur? How To Reduce the Recurrence Rate?

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First of all, let's take a look at what epididymitis is?
In terms of symptoms, epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Patients with acute epididymitis will experience sudden high fever, scrotal pain, and a sinking feeling. If you usually have labor and walking, you will experience pain in the lower abdomen. If the inflammation is relatively large, the patient's epididymis and testis will feel swollen, and the boundaries between the two are unclear.
Most patients with chronic epididymitis are transformed from the acute phase that cannot be cured entirely. Most patients do not have a clear acute phase and are primarily secondary to chronic prostatitis and injury. The patient often feels dull pain and swelling in the scrotum, and the pain will involve the lower abdomen and groin.

Will epididymitis recur?
In fact, even if epididymitis has been cured, if the body's resistance to diseases such as overwork, heavy drinking, colds, etc., declines, the bacterial invasion will still cause epididymitis to recur; if epididymitis is not completely cured, it will recur.
So why does epididymitis recur?
1. Monotherapy. Epididymitis is likely to induce more infectious diseases, such as male seminal vesiculitis and urethritis. Treating the epididymitis without other related diseases will lead to secondary infection of the male epididymis and recurrence.
2. The treatment is not complete. After men suffer from epididymitis, it is best to go to the hospital and accept the treatment as soon as possible. In the treatment process, many male patients hit and run, resulting in incomplete treatment, which is one of the reasons for the recurrent epididymitis in men.
Once male patients find symptoms related to epididymitis, they must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time. Antibiotic medicine generally prescribes antibiotics to patients for treatment. But antibiotics have specific side effects, and not everyone is suitable for antibiotic treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be chosen for these patients to treat epididymitis. It has no side effects, clearing away heat and detoxifying, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, activating qi and relieving pain, and can remove the root of the disease without producing drug resistance.
3.From the clinical analysis, the causes of epididymitis can be divided into exogenous cold and dampness, blockage of the collaterals, obstruction of the liver meridian, or obstruction of the lower Jiao by the pathogenic accumulation of dampness and heat, obstruction of dampness and heat in the liver meridian, or stagnation of qi in the liver meridian, depression for a long time. 
An obstruction in the epididymis causes phlegm, qi, and blood coagulation. In acute cases, it is mainly caused by damp-heat betting. In contrast, in chronic cases, cold coagulation of the liver meridian or qi and blood coagulation of the epididymis are more common.
4. The bacteria are complex. Experts point out that after men have been treated for epididymitis, there are some reasons for recurrence, the recurrence mainly due to the problematic pathogenic bacteria caused by men's epididymitis. The pathogenic bacteria of epididymitis are Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus more common. Therefore, if the medication is improper and one-sided, it will lead to incomplete treatment and recurrence in epididymitis.
So how to reduce the recurrence probability of epididymitis?
1. Those patients should live a regular life, don't stay up late, don't be overly tired, rest on time, do physical exercise, and increase their ability to resist disease.
2. Those patients should pay attention to their diet. They should not eat spicy and stimulating, fried, barbecued foods and alcohol, should pay attention to taboos, and drink less.
3. Patients should o treat the disease actively. Some infections of the urinary system, such as foreskin, balanitis, urethritis, and skin infections, and when the vulva and scrotum have been affected, those affections must be dealt with in time without delay.
4. In terms of sexual life, it is also necessary to be moderate. Excessively frequent sexual life is always in a congested inflammatory state, which is also very unfavorable for the recovery of epididymitis.
5. To prevent scrotal trauma, hematoma caused by some trauma, etc., will also induce or aggravate the condition of epididymitis.
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