Do Epididymitis Patients Need Absolute Bed Rest?

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As a typical male disease, Epididymitis has always puzzled most male compatriots. When they get sick, most people will feel panic and can't eat or sleep well, which affects their work and life. At the same time, they will spend a lot of time resting for treatment. 

Is absolute bed rest essential for epididymitis patients?
Epididymitis is a relatively common disease in the urinary system. For patients with epididymitis, it is generally recommended to lie down and use clothes and other items to lift the scrotum in the scrotum, which is helpful for the recovery of epididymitis. For patients with epididymitis, it is recommended to stay in bed as much as possible in the acute phase and minimize getting out of bed.
In general, Epididymitis, if there is no fever and a high blood count, can be treated in an outpatient clinic, taking conventional cephalosporin antibiotics or quinolone antibiotics, and the course of treatment is about a week.
Suppose the symptoms of Epididymitis are severe, there is a high fever or a swollen testicle, accompanied by an abscess, a very high blood count, and an uncontrollable infection, hospitalization is required. And they need to use high-level antibiotics during hospitalization—infection treatment.
How should patients with Epididymitis be treated?
For the treatment of Epididymitis, conservative treatment is the mainstay, active use of antibiotics, appropriate diet, and elevation of the scrotum. They can also use Cold compresses to the affected area early, and local hot compresses or hot sitz baths are mainly used in the later stage. 
When chronic epididymitis occurs, men can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It has solid bactericidal power and can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the body. Alos, it can work on prostatitis and other reproductive system diseases.
For patients with poor conservative treatment effects, surgical treatment is recommended. An abscess incision and drainage are required if an epididymal abscess is formed. For patients with recurrent chronic Epididymitis, epididymectomy may be considered. 
When a patient develops clinical symptoms, it is necessary to diagnose early, treat according to the condition, and improve the patient's disease condition as soon as possible.
Patients with epididymitis should also pay attention to their diet, and they can eat more fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. They should avoid spicy and irritating foods and tobacco and alcohol because these foods and bad habits will adversely affect the condition of epididymitis.
The goal of treatment is to improve the patient's symptoms and signs and avoid unhealed migration and the development of chronic epididymitis, the potential for chlamydia, the spread of gonorrhea to others, and the prevention of complication.
The cause of epididymitis is mainly due to local infection or bad habits. It is recommended to do a genital ultrasound, urine routine, and blood routine. Now the treatment is primarily anti-inflammatory treatment. Local physiotherapy can be used, pay attention to hygiene, and change underwear frequently.s.
In conclusion, whether a patient with Epididymitis needs bed rest depends on the severity of the Epididymitis. But what is certain is that after Epididymitis, bed rest can help patients improve clinical symptoms, especially local bulge and pain. Therefore, if you have a disease, don't delay; seek help from a doctor in time so that it will not affect your life and health.
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