Notices During Epididymitis Treatment

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Epididymitis is a frequent disease in men, which has a great impact. The main manifestations are: scrotum swelling and pain, sinking sensation, lower abdomen, groin pain; the affected side of the epididymis is enlarged, there is obvious tenderness, etc. So, what should be noticed during epididymitis treatment?
Notices during epididymitis treatment:
1. During epididymitis physical therapy, hold up the scrotum, apply local cold compress, and contraindicate sexual intercourse. Put an end to tobacco, alcohol, and spicy food. Avoid frequent sex, and do not hold back urine to prevent congestion. Pay attention to daily diet and avoid eating high-cholesterol foods. The above are all effective measures. However, if it is not treated thoroughly, epididymitis will not be healed for a long time. Eventually, it will block the lumen due to scar formation and cause infertility.
2. In order to preserve the patient's fertility as much as possible, the treatment must be thorough. Use antibiotics that can easily diffuse into the male reproductive tract. After the symptoms disappear in the acute phase, the drug should be used for 4-5 days, and the chronic phase should be extended for 2-4 weeks to consolidate the effect.
3. Epididymitis is often confused with testicular torsion. If the pain of the scrotum is relieved by lightly supporting the scrotum, it means that it is epididymitis, and the pain is aggravated after the testicular torsion is supported on the scrotum. In chronic epididymitis, the vas deferens and the spermatic cord are thickened, and the pain is dull. The epididymis is hard lumps and mild tenderness on local examination.
4. If the abscess is formed repeatedly, epididymectomy is feasible. If the bilateral epididymis is removed, the fertility will not be preserved.
5. Rest is the most important thing, do not overwork, and keep a happy mood. It is best to exercise regularly, which can improve immunity, actively resist the occurrence of various diseases, and have a healthy body.
6. There are acute and chronic epididymitis, so the treatment is also focused. Patients with acute epididymitis are better to rest in bed and apply cold or hot compresses. In the early stage of epididymitis, put an ice pack on the epididymis to prevent continuous swelling. In the late stage of epididymitis, hot compresses can be used to promote local blood circulation and accelerate the resolution of inflammation.
5. Use warm water for a sitz bath, twice a day, the water temperature is between 42 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius, and the time for each sitz bath is about 25 minutes.
How can epididymitis be treated?
As the direct cause of epididymitis, infection can be attributed to two ways. One is direct spread. Inflammation in other parts of the body will cause epididymitis to develop and spread. The second is blood infection, which is more obvious and direct. Epididymitis must be prevention as the most important thing. Take treatment as soon as possible to prevent the condition from getting worse.
Under normal circumstances, physical therapy combined with drug therapy can achieve cure. When drugs are used, drug resistance testing will be conducted first to understand the patient’s disease progression, degree of epididymitis damage, drug sensitivity, etc., so as to select the appropriate drug according to the patient’s specific situation, determine the appropriate dose, prescribe the right medicine, and quickly cure the disease and avoid damage caused by blind use.
Clinical treatment of epididymitis generally uses a combination of physical therapy and drug therapy. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used as drug treatment to reduce inflammation and sterilization. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, Qi, and diuresis; relieving pain and stranguria. It works well on the male urogenital system and enable these organs to heal effectively without leading to any side effects. 

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