Five Treatments for Epididymitis Besides Antibiotics

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Epididymitis refers to pathogenic bacteria entering the vas deferens and  invading the epididymis, which causes epididymis. Therefore, if you want to prevent epididymitis, you should prevent bacteria from entering the vas deferens. 
Young and middle-aged men are supposed to represent a healthy image, but during this period, many male are plagued by various andrological diseases. Among those diseases, epididymitis is the one with a higher incidence. The epididymis can help sperm to mature, and its role in the fertility is also very important. Epididymal swelling is one of the common symptoms of epididymitis, which will bring adverse effects to patients.

After suffering from epididymitis, men will have a sudden high fever, increased white blood cell count, swelling pain, sinking sensation in the affected side of the scrotum, and pain in the lower abdomen and groin. The pain is aggravated when standing or walking. 
If the epididymis under one testicle is hardened and accompanied by pain, it should be epididymitis. The cause of epididymitis is bacteria, and it should be treated with drugs. Patients with epididymitis are generally treated with a wide range of antibiotics. The choice of antibacterial drugs should be determined by bacterial culture and drug susceptibility testing.
Can epididymitis be cured without antibiotics? Yes ! Let's learn together.
1. TCM treatment: 
Diuretic And Anti-Inflammatory Pill is a good choice for you, especially for chronic epididymitis! The herbs contained in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill work effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system.Compared with some antibiotics, it composes of more than 50 natural herbs and will not bring side effects to the body. More importantly, it can improve the body's ability to fight against bacteria and reduce the possibility of recurrence.
2. General treatment: 
Patients with epididymitis can stay in bed, and the scrotal stent can relieve symptoms. Painkillers are suitable for those with severe pain. Local hyperthermia can relieve symptoms and promote inflammation to subside. However, the early use of hyperthermia can aggravate the pain and promote the spread of the risk of infection. Sexual life and physical work can aggravate infections, and they should be avoided.
3. Surgical treatment: 
Acute epididymitis is usually accompanied by an acute infection of the genital tract and blood-borne infection. Therefore, acute epididymitis often becomes chronic epididymitis after drug treatment. Chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, or other disease may also participate in acute or chronic seminal vesiculitis. For patients with chronic epididymal nodules and obvious inflammation, surgical resection is necessary.
4. Diet therapy: 
Patients with epididymitis should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to increase vitamin C intake and increase disease resistance. Eat less mutton, trotters, fish soup,  and etc., so as not to increase inflammation and edema.
5. Physical therapy:
When epididymitis causes high fever, patients with epididymitis should be treated with physical cooling. Use cold water towels on the head, or wipe the limbs with alcohol and ice water.
In summary, if you are infected with epididymitis, there will be different treatment methods according to different conditions. The main treatment methods are: drug treatment, general treatment, surgical treatment, diet therapy and physical therapy. Some epididymitis can also be treated by other methods without antibiotics. Choosing the treatment method according to their actual situation is the key to cure.
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