Is Cold Compress Effective to Treat Epididymitis?

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Epididymitis is a common disease of the male genitourinary system. There are more than 90% of epididymitis caused by pathogenic microorganism infection. 
In our daily life, patients with epididymitis often take cold compress to relieve the pain. Is it reliable?

Cold compress is a physical therapy that can constrict blood vessels, reduce subcutaneous bleeding, relieve pain and reduce swelling. At first, a cold compress can reduce inflammation and improve blood flow during acute injury. This is usually done within 72 hours of injury and will be effective with at least 15 minutes.
Secondly, patients in a febrile state can be physically cooled by cold compress, which is safer and does not need to use many drugs, so it is likely to play a certain protective role in liver and kidney function.  
Moreover, in the local area of soft tissue injury, blood vessels can be constricted to reduce the exudation of tissue fluid so as to reduce the swelling of the injured local tissue. The swelling subsides and the exudation is reduced. And the pain of soft tissue injury caused by swelling and injury is also indirectly alleviated. 
When the male testicle is injured by external force and causes swelling and pain, it is helpful to relieve bad symptoms through ice compress.
But cold compress alone does not solve the disease, but only can relieve the symptoms. And the time of cold compress should not be too long, because the testicular function is also affected once the time is too long. 
When the male testicles appear bad symptoms, they should go to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible to check out the cause of the disease. It is suitable to use targeted medication treatment. Of course, you can also take some physiotherapy methods. Ice compress is also a physiotherapy method. Although the method can relieve symptoms, it is not the main treatment measure. During the treatment, patients should pay attention to rest more and avoid being too tired.
The male testis, one of the important organs of the genitourinary system, is the endocrine organs of the human body and also has the role of exocrine. Cold compress of the testicles can relieve the symptoms of acute epididymitis, but cold compaction is not recommended in the long term, because it can constrict the testicular blood vessels. Long- term cold compress is easy to cause testicular tissue and epididymis tissue ischemia, resulting in the related inflammation. 
Testicular tissue is more sensitive to temperature, generally lower than the body temperature of about 1 degrees Celsius, which is conducive to the survival of sperm.
Common methods of epididymitis treatment
1. Epididymitis will appear when the testis feels obviously painful, and some patients will appear testis enlargement. In this case, they all belong to the serious testicular epididymitis, and they must be treated by infusion. The common drugs in infusion are penicillin drugs and quinolones, which have a better effect on treating genitourinary system infections.  
2. If there is no obvious swelling and fever, but only pain or tenderness in the testis and epididymis, this situation can be treated with oral medicine. Some traditional Chinese medicines can be used for relief, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, It can eliminate symptoms and cause to achieve a complete cure. Also, it has no side effect and has no drug-dependence.
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