How To Treat Epididymitis Caused By Infections And Inflammations

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Infections and inflammations are important causes of male epididymitis. If men suffer from prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and urinary tract infection, it may result in men suffering from epididymitis. So epididymitis is commonly caused by bacteria infection or secondary infection, according to the expert's view.
For acute epididymitis, patients are advised to rest in bed and prop up the scrotum to relieve pain. In the early stages, ice packs can be placed on the epididymis to prevent swelling. In the late stages, hot compress can be used to promote local blood transport and accelerate inflammation subsidence.

Because the epididymitis belongs to infection, you should undertake anti-infective therapy, choose broad-spectrum antibiotics as well as antibiotics that have better effect on gram-negative bacteria. For pain, fever and other systemic symptoms, the application of antipyretic analgesics and symptomatic treatment is needed.
If the epididymal inflammatory mass increases, the scrotal skin is red, swollen and fluctuating, the incision and drainage of the abscess need to be performed in time. In addition, sexual arousal and heavy physical activity should be avoided during the acute phase, so as not to aggravate the infection and symptoms. For a few stubborn symptoms in patients, if the treatment is not satisfying with all efforts, it may be necessary to remove the entire testicle and epididymis.
Generally speaking, chronic epididymitis and chronic prostatitis exist at the same time. Accordingly, the general treatment measures of chronic epididymitis is the same as that of chronic prostatitis. And surgical excision may not always relieve symptoms, so the surgery is generally not performed when it comes to the chronic epididymitis.
For chronic symptoms, the treatment cycle is generally longer than a month, even a year. Therefore, it is not recommended that patients take antibiotics with unwanted side effects for a long time. In general, patients can take traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic epididymitis and chronic prostatitis at the same time.
The preferred option is the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has no side effects and can effectively treat inflammations and infections in the male urogenital system. As a typical product of traditional Chinese medicine, it can help patients to improve painful symptoms and abnormal urination, promote the blood circulation, kill bacteria and viruses, enhance the body resistance, and so on.
It is worth paying attention to that, whether acute or chronic epididymitis, bilateral inflammation may lead to infertility. So males always need to get treated in time.
During the treatment, males should keep healthy daily habits that can be conducive to the therapeutic effects. They should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink more warm water and urinate in time. It is also needed to pay more attention to personal hygiene and moderate sexual intercourse.
At ordinary times, it is often suggested that males friends should do more exercise and avoid sitting all the day, which can help them avoid congestion that can lead to prostatitis and epididymitis, and make their body resistance increased to some extent. So keep at it.

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