Epididymitis Cured by Chinese Herbal Pill in Just 2 Months

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
I am from The United States. I thought I had epididymitis. All of symptoms seemd to line up with this condition. I had seen several doctors, had STD test (witch came back negative) and had been given antibiotics for Cellulitis. So far, nothing had worked and my inflammation continued. 
I had been dealing with this for 6 weeks, but it seemd like forever. I had several symptoms of having Gonorrhea but had tested negative for it twice. It Could be Mycoplasma related. I had been to several doctors and tried a few things but to no effect. Two of the doctors thought it was a fungal infection but creams and oral medication didn't work. 
-Inflammation in testicles (redness and scaly looking)
-Burning/frequent urination
-mild Anal itching
-slight sore throat
-No abnormal discharge though 
All stemming from an unprotected female sexual encounter back in January.
I thought the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill could be right for me and as soon as I heard back from Dr.Lee, I ordered the first month's treatment (upon her recommendation of course). 
I was doing better and I did feel improvement. The inflammation had gone down a bit. As far as the diet, I already ate a vegan diet so for the most part all I had to do is cut out Alcohol. Im not a big drinker anyway so its been easy. 
I have had much less coffee too, 2-3 cups per week with plenty of water in between. Thanks for Dr.Lee, I followed her dietary instructions and felt the change everyday.
Now Im feeling completely normal, and have been for a while. Thank her so much for all her help and advice :)
So this is my story in conclusion:
Earlier this year (2018) I had developed some burning and stinging with urination along with some inflammation in the scrotum. It was very uncomfortable and frustrating, especially after none of my doctors could find an obvious cause. After a few months of getting nowhere I found Dr. Lee and her DAI pills online. Dr. Lee is a very caring Dr. and after contacting her, she recommended a 1 month trial. One of the main keys to this treatment was staying on a strict diet while taking the pills. I was already on a very similar diet so I saw a rather quick response with the pills. After 1 month (I took the pills twice a day for 30 days), my symptoms were greatly improved so I ordered a second month to be safe. Half way through the second month I felt normal and almost forgot that I had a problem to begin with. Many thanks to Dr. Lee, her program, and research for helping me and manny others through this type of thing. Western medicine needs to get on board!