Epididymo-orchitis Success Case - A testimonial from India

Date:2021-06-15 click:0
Loki, from India, had been suffering from pain during ejaculation, burning during urination, testicular pain (mild but sometimes get worse), and abdominal pain and back pain, due to which unable to sit or walk for a longer time since March 2020. His urologist confirmed it is epididymo-orchitis after the ultrasound. It is due to a bacteria infection per his diagnosis.
He tried antibiotics for the course of two months, but there was no permanent cure for his symptoms. Later, he found a Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill that was developed by Dr. Lee. However, he was doubtful about its effectiveness in taking this pill in the initial stage because the pills are expensive. 
After talking with Dr. Lee, he learned that he had pain because of the blood stasis and inflammation in the reproductive system; when the inflammation is cleared off and blood stasis unblocked, his symptoms will be gone. And Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate these symptoms and has a good effect on epididymo-orchitis.
Hence, he decided to take these pills for one month. After taking one month, his symptoms have improved a little, which was very positive for him to try for a few more months. For example, his pain when ejaculation is reduced; Burning while urination is reduced; When he touches his epididymis located on the testis feels very mild pain. 

Then he ordered another two months. After the second course, Dr. Lee asked if his testicular pain, abdominal pain, and back pain were relieved. And Loki wrote: “definitely, my symptoms have been relieved, but I want to take consolidated treatment for one last course to avoid the recurrence.” 

After completing 3 courses, his symptoms have significantly improved, and he is feeling better now. Loki wrote a letter to express his thanks to Dr.Lee for her support and guidance during his treatment.